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1.EconomicLure fishing has always been called "water golf". Intuitively, it is a sport that the "noble" can afford. But with the continuous development of the

How to use the jig head in the face of rapid flow of water?What is the jig head? Simply, it is a kind of bait used by the jig head with a soft bait. According

What is the jig head? Simply, it is a kind of bait used by the jig head with a soft bait. According to the different types of fish in Lure fishing, the jig head

Ice fishing jig tungsten ice jig head bulk in blank are usually used to ice fishing.But before used to ice fishing,you msu soldered hooks into the jig heads.The hooks ang jig head

*There have several type of tungsten icejig head.For example,tear drop,pellet,ant,clove,faceted ,maggot ,midge,pupae,uralcom shape and so on.They all can be painted such as gold,si

*Tungsten ice jig head can be painted many colors.The colos are as follows:Blue,clown,yellow,orange yell,red spot,glow,yellow perch,black yellow,black white and green face,blue fac

*Tungsten ice fishing jig is the Semifinished product of tungsten ice jig.If you want to a complete ice jig,you just need to solder thh hooks to jigs.There have seven sizes of ice

*Composed of 97% tungsten, it is far denser and more compact than lead, thus also much harder;
*Extremely sensitive, broadcasting every tick and bump your weight contact with - so

Cyslops tungsten ball beads for extra sink on nymph and streamer patterns,
slot aids in sliding the bead on to a wider range of hook types.

Made from pure tungsten which is much h

*97% pure tungsten heavier and more compact than lead.

*We committed to preserve water ,keeping our water clean and the fish biting.

*Tungsten Flipping Weight are available in

*Tungsten Worm Weights are a bullet style weight that is intended to be used for the flipping
and punching techniques in order to penetrate the heavy vegetation where bass are oft

*Not only super compact but specially shaped to get in and out of the thick stuff,
they also feature a convenient skirt keeper;

* Made of 97% pure, eco-friendly, hard-fired tungst

*Tungsten as a material has a greater density than lead making the weights approximately fifty percent smaller.

*Coated with a chip-resistant Seal Coat finish and featuring insert

Design for bass fishing applications encompassing a broad spectrum of techniques and rigging methods.

We offer the Tungsten Flipping Weights in 16 sizes in five colors: Natura

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