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Supply Tungsten Barrel Weight high density best price

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Type: barrel weight

Material:97% pure tungsten

Color:Natural,Matt black,Green pumpkin,Blood red,Rainbow



Delivery Time:7-20 days after receive your payment

Payment:T/T,L/C,Western Union

—————— Product Presentation ——————

*Offering the enhanced performance of tungsten at a great price, the Tungsten Barrel Weights
are smaller in size than comparable lead barrel weights thanks to the higher density of tungsten.

* Less prone to snagging or getting hung up, and since tungsten is also much harder than lead,
the  Tungsten Barrel Weights also transmit bottom contours and compositions much better than lead. 

*They also make a louder sound when paired with a glass bead on a Carolina-rig for added fish attraction. 

*Available in a range of sizes for all types of fishing conditions, the Tungsten Barrel Weights are also
100% environmentally friendly - helping protect our fisheries for future generations.

Oz Weights(g) Oz Weights(g)
1/8 3.5 1/2 14
3/16 5.3 3/4 21
1/4 7 1 28
3/8 10.5    

Q1: Why we use tungsten alloy fishing sinkers?
Tungsten has gained a lot of popularity recently. Compared with the same weight of lead.
Tungsten uses 50% less material than lead for the same amount of weight.
This means a 1-ounce tungsten sinker has a smaller volume, letting it penetrate weeds easier.
Also, tungsten is more dense than lead, which makes your fishing more sensitive.
It transmits vibrations differently depending on in which if you’re fishing, mud, rock or wood.

Q2: How do I pay for you?
We accept T/T, L/C and alipay.

Q3: What makes your tungsten weight so unique?
We have 1480 regular sizes for your choice, regardless of fly fishing, lure fishing or ice fishing.
Apart from that, we never stop launching new products, we have professional R & D , production,
sales and service team to keep bring out new products termly.