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1.Type:Tungsten putty

2.Material:97% pure tungsten

3.Color:As your request



6.Delivery Time:7 days after receive your payment

7.Payment:T/T,L/C,Western Union

—————— Product Presentation ——————

*Soft malleable rig putty
*It is a maximum adhesive putty that sticks to every type of link and stays put.
*This putty is re-useable and grips well to braid and mono.
*Ideal for pinning down sections of your mainline or counterbalancing a pop up.
*Say goodbye to worries about whether you are fishing pop-ups a foot off the deck by accident,
*Its extreme density formula allows you to streamline rigs more effectively than ever whilst keeping links,
hookbaits, leaders and tubing safely pinned down where it matters most.

Raw Material: 97% pure Tungsten
Color: Brown, Green, Black as your request
Weight:1oz,2oz as you request

plastic carry box

   Q1: Why tungsten putty?
Easily add or remove weight because tungsten putty stays soft and malleable.
This putty is sticky so you can place it anywhere on your car. Just drill a hole and mash it in.
Tungsten is dense so it fits in a small space.
   Place the exact amount of weight where you need it to optimize your center of gravity
Add small amounts of weight so your car is exactly 5.00 oz.
    Maximize your car weight to get maximum speed at the finish line.
Since you can put putty anywhere on your car, you have complete design flexibility.
Pinewood Pro tungsten putty is non-toxic and child-safe.
tungsten putty is also ideal for fishing weights.

  Q2: Why FishPaby Putty?
  Putty allows you gain the advantages of tungsten but also allows you the flexibility. 
  Because it is in putty form. Making it malleable,
  formable and flexible to pinch off the exact size you need to gain the perfect weight and balance.
  It is super easy to use and safe for all ages.
  It really is a must have for any people that wants to compete in their derby race.

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