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Supply Tungsten Punch Weight High Quality Price

Tags:Tungsten punch weight

Type: Tungsten punch weight,tungsten skirt punch weight

Material: 97% pure tungsten

Color: Natural,Matt black,Green pumpkin,Blood red,Rainbow


Package: carton,Bulk

Delivery Time: 7-20 days after receive your payment

Payment: T/T,L/C,Western Union

—————— Product Presentation ——————

*The tungsten punch weights penetrates and falls through cover better than
ordinary lead weights and the skirt adds that live action needed to turn on big fish.

*Available in a spectrum of color to match the forage in your local waters.

*Insert free skirt punch weight gives you the ability and greater sensitivityto reach fish that you couldn't get to before;

*Diamond polished to ensure you get no line damage super high quality paint, very durable, chip resistant.

*Works greatwith many different fishing techniques and all sorts of baits.

Oz Weights(g) Oz Weights(g)
3/8 10.5 1 28
1/2 14 1-1/4 35
3/4 21 1-1/2 42

————    FAQ    ————

Q1:What are the main properties of tungsten?
A1: There are many special performance of tungsten weights, e.g.,
small volume but high density, high melting-point andhardness,
excellent abrasive resistance, high ultimate tensile strength, good thermo stability,
anti-corrosion, excellent anti-fracturing ability. Besides,
it is a kind of non-poisonous and environmental friendly material which conforms to environment protection.


Q2 : Why is tungsten sinker an inevitable trend to replace lead sinker?
A2: Lead is toxic metal that can be accumulated in human and animal body.
It can enter the body through the skin, digestive tract, respiratory tract.
The main toxic effects are anemia, neurological disorders and kidney damage.
The normal lead content in our body is 0.1 mg/L.
The lead content out of limit will cause anemia and damage the nervous system,
especially for infants and children. However,
tungsten fishing weight will not pollute water and enter into body causing plumbism.


Q3: Can I have discount if I order many tungsten punch weights?
A3: Certainly! We could offer you better price according to the quantity you order,
I promise you the price would be reasonable and acceptable compared with our competitors.

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