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Today we are going to talk about Three disciplines and eight attentions for ice fishing.
Winter is very cold,but many people like fishing in winter.Fish in winter is also called ice fishing by human. ice fishing is funny,but there are a series of safety hazards in ice fishing.ice fishing has a special interest and is different with other seasons’ fishing. Because ice fishing also have many dangerous factors. We should pay attention to safety.So please keep your eyes open the following three rules and eight precautions.

1.Three rules

A. Pay attention to the weather before ice fishing
Pay attention to the weather forecast before go fishing. If there is heavy wind, heavy snow and heavy rain, please do not go ice fishing. And if the wind blow 4 level, but still raining and snowing, it is best not to go fishing.
B. Don't litter
The earth is our home, we should take good care of the environment and protect the earth. We should not only use environmental fishing tools such as tungsten ice jig and Tungsten Fishing Weights,but also don’t litter.In ice fishing, if you casually throw plastic bags, mineral water bottles, cigarette butts or other garbage on the ice. It will cause serious pollution to the earth's ecological environment and threaten human survival.
C.Don't covet more fish
Fishing is a funny sport, not about how many fish you get, but about the fun of fishing. Therefore, we must correctly control the number and time of fishing.We should do not overload fishing, otherwise it will be extremely bad.

2.Eight disciplines

A.Prevent frostbite
ice fishing must keep a watchful eye on the changes of the weather. It is not advisable to go out for fishing in the windy weather,especially hen the fishing point far away from your home. Please keep warm and dry.Keep your head, feet and hands warm, especially your feet. Because the water and moisture will cause ill.The legs, abdomen and back are also important. Don’t forget to wear light and warm clothes. Such as thick-soled boots or high-top sneakers.Because these shoes are warmer than leather shoes or cotton shoes. Wearing thick socks, older fishing enthusiasts are better prepared to protect their knees.
B.Prevent trauma
Most ice-cutting tools are sharp because of sharp tips and hooks. If you don't notice, it will hurt the fishing enthusiasts. Therefore, when carrying the ice-cutting tool, you should put a rubber tube or a plastic tube to prevent injury to yourself or others.
C.Prevent falls
The shore of rivers and lakes are mostly uneven, and some places are very steep. If you accidentally fall, you will cause injury. Especially when it is raining or snowing, the road surface is slippery. So be careful! Don't be injured in a hurry to ride in time.
Generally, when the thickness of the ice reaches to 10 cm, the ice can be cut. Otherwise, the ice layer is thin, which is very dangerous. If it is in the wild and flowing water or there is ice and snow,be pay attention to the ice layer. The thickness, once found to break the ice, can not be attached to fishing.
D.Prevent accidents
When you are fishing, although you are already careful, some accidents will always happen. Keep an eye on the thickness of the ice layer when fishing. The ice in the early winter is not thick enough to allow ice fishing. ice fishing is not allowed when spring comes and the snow melts. Because fishing at these times, personal accidents are prone to occur.
E.Prevent fatigue
ice fishing should control the time and number of fishing. Because long hours of standing or sitting for fishing can cause fatigue in certain parts of the body. Therefore, you should always do some health activities during the fishing process, such as taking a walk, massaging your eyes, squatting continuously, and so on. In order to prevent the below diseases and endanger their health,if elderly fishermen with common chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis should to pay close attention to prevent fatigue.
F.Prevent sickness
The food is mostly cold during the fishing process. It is best to eat some hot food before fishing. Do not fish on an empty stomach. It is easy to get sick on an empty stomach. It is best to bring a container that can keep warm to ensure that food and water are hot.
G.Don't alcoholism
In winter, some fishing enthusiasts often use alcohol to resist the cold in order to warm up. Especially those who like to drink, when they go to the place of fishing, they drink alcohol as tea. Sometimes they drink too much without knowing it, and dangerous accidents may occur. For safety, let us change the habit of using wine to resist the cold!

H.Go with friends and don't alone.
Go fishing with a few friends to avoid loneliness and take care of each other. And don't forget to bring your mobile phone before fishing, so as not to worry about your family.
ice fishing is a very interesting sport, but while pursuing fun, don't forget your safety.We are FISH PABY, the world's leading manufacturer of bulk tungsten weights. Our bulk tungsten weights are available in large quantities and fast delivery times.
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