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Let me introduce Throwing and casting skill for fishing Snakehead and the reason. Last time we explained the habit of snakehead and the method of frog fishing.This time, let’s learn about the throwing and casting skills of snakehead.
All the precautions in fishing snakehead are to avoid the snakehead as much as possible. This is the key to catching snakehead and whether you can catch a few black fish.

Throwing frog is very different from other types of bait.The hard cockroach is one aspect. The shape of the thick line and the frog determines the high wind resistance. It is easy to throw far, but the accuracy of the throwing is to be done after a lot of practice.At the same time, it is necessary to control the speed and deceleration of the line.When a set of relatively fixed matching equipment is familiar,in the downwind and upwind conditions, the brake can be opened to the position to effectively control the throwing, so that the frog will fall into the water during the flight, causing huge water splash and sound, making the black fish frightened without biting the bait.To exaggerate, a failed throw is likely to affect the snakehead in a place that does not bite your bait throughout the morning or even one day.

Therefore, when throwing and casting, try to be "be prepared", "accurate", "light", and "force".
Be prepared:It is not casually throwing a throw, once the throwing is already optimistic about the placement and adjustment of equipment, to minimize the turnover rate of throwing.
Accurate:It is the location where the thunder frog throws and falls. It is necessary to calculate the flight trajectory of the thunder frog, especially in the side wind position. If the landing point is in the clear water, be sure to throw the thunder frog a little further behind the snakehead activity punctuation.

“Light":The sound of falling water should be light and natural. Some points can be solved by hitting the opposite shore or hitting the grass and then dragging it into the water. It is also a good way to reduce the sound of entering the water. However, some points are directly falling into the water, which requires a higher control of the throwing angle.

“Force”:It means to be dare to force when doing super-long throwing. Basically, the whole process of throwing is done by the thumb control cup. When the punctuation is far away and the ultra-long throw must be done, the thunder frog is lost. Psychological preparation is always there. At this time, it is really the thicker the line, the louder the sound.

After learning about the throwing and casting skills .Although some of you are already very skilled at this, snakehead will still run away after biting the bait.Let us analyze the reason.
So the reasons why the fish ran away after biting are following:

1、The frog was attacked by snakehead and dragged by snakehead. There is no feeling when casting,means the snakehead is very small.So the snakehead did not completely bite the hook. This situation can be seen very clearly than standing on the shore. This snakehead is mostly below 33 cm.

2、The frog was attacked and was also dragged down. There were also fish and not small fish when casting. Just picking up a few lines of the frog, the line frog off the line. This situation is basically related to the fact that the cockroach is not hard enough and the frog species.

3、The frog was attacked and the snakehead gave up after several bites of bait. This is the most common situation I have encountered in fishing. Generally, due to the influence of wind and waves, wind waves have a great impact on the speed of the frog and the angle of the black carp. Especially in the place where the reed has a gap, the movement of the water causes the rapid movement of the water and the surface of the water to be smashed. At this time, the black fish often cannot bite.

4、When the frog is attacked and then feels a heavy pull while disappearing from the field of view, force it. At this time, the chance of catching snakehead is very high. Because at this time basically the frog has reached the deep throat of the snakehead.
When the fish line is tightened by the snakehead or the line is moved to the left or right, the success rate of catching the fish is very high. Some snakehead react very quickly,when the frog bites into the mouth and feels something is wrong, it will immediately spit out the thunder frog and rush to escape. If you don’t close the line in time, the fish will escape.

The throwing and casting skill for fishing Snakehead and the reason is end here.But FishPaby will always be with you guys-- fishing enthusiasts. Whether it's a practical skill or a tools for fishing such as Tungsten Fishing Weights,tungsten putty and tungsten sinker,Especially the tungsten bass weights we will continue to provide with fishing enthusiasts.
Let's have fun fishing together!
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