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Expedition to Explore Kota Kinabalu Part 2

I tried to throw back my line little by little, to calmly unease its strike every time. Several rounds later, it stopped to resist against me in the 50-meter-deep area, therefore, I could tell that it may be a ground fish, very likely a grouper. Finally, when it was pulled out of the water, it was a grouper indeed, and big! I called up a boatman to help me, after a strenuous work, we finally got it on boat. This fish, I could say, would be my biggish catch.
It was strange that no matter how hard I tried, I could get no fish bigger than that one afterwards. In view of we were worn out, we stopped angling, then ate something to replenish physical strength. Some had a rest, some kept angling. While I stood on the bow, enjoying a blast of wind, staring at them who were still swinging rods, a flame of desire almost begun to burn in me until the captain said that we were about to change a place, because the hook rate decreased at that time.
Jig Lures Them out
Captain led the boat to close to the spot where yellow tail fishes are. After hours of sailing, we came to somewhere very near it. However, captain told us bad news that we may fail to get there due to the strong wind. Even though we could manage to be there, we could not stand still in the wind. People would fall over like ninepins, some would even have ship sick, let alone jigging. Therefore, we were forced to agree, staying at this place longer.
After a short break, I began my first rod. This time I used a red jig, which weighed 200g. As I laid it, it drawn to the water swiftly. After it sank to a certain degree, I started to take back my line for about a couple of meters long, I even felt an ache in arm. I couldn’t help wondering: why there was nothing on hook? Therefore, I repeated my action: throw it back, lay it down, and then do it all over again. If the jig sank to the bottom, I quickly wind the line. If I still got nothing, just went back to sleep.
Having repeated this set of actions for hundreds of times, which nearly running out of my energy, I could feel sour and pain on my muscles of arms. Just when I was going to slow down the speed, the rod was suddenly yanked down, the fishing reel swiveling on high speed. “Gee!” It was such great strength that I tried so hard throwing back the line. Under the influence of typhoon and wave, our boat bopped up and down in the water. I was about to roll the reel and take back my line, but I was interrupted by the bumpy boat. No action can be done, the fish which has already on hook was hard to control. As the saying goes,” What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, I reinvigorated myself to fight a long-lasting battle by finding a strong point and keeping balance.
Controlling the rod, I lifted it up and rolled back the line little by little, the line was gradually back into the reel. After a long-lasting struggle, the fish also felt exhausted and surfaced. At the first sight of its fin, I thought it was a shark. However, swinging its tale, it swam to the bottom of the boat, which surprised me and destroyed my hope. Suppose it was a shark, the line could be worn away, furthermore, the shark would struggle out of the hook. It took me great effort to pull back the fish, to swivel the reel. It twisted for seconds and then gave up, finally being pulled out of water.
Captain brought me a fishing hasp, taking this giant out water and pulling it on the deck were accomplished in a stretch. I embraced my big fish immediately, feeling supreme pleasure in me, which I could say that I had achieved my goal for this trip in Malaysia. The wonderful moment when I was with my big fish was framed in picture forever and I shall never forget. I set it free, it swayed its tail, swimming in the vast sea without turning back. As it was prohibited to enter in China by Chinese customs officials, so I set it free as a repay for bringing me happiness.
It is the process of angling that we enjoyed, so I’d better keep the most invaluable moment both in the picture and my mind. I shall have no regret for this country, for Kota Kinabalu.
Though it was great pity that I didn’t reach the dream place and my friends felt the same way. We still had a good time in Kota Kinabalu, because I had made some friends here and experienced the fantasy of fishing in Malaysia.
I wish I could come back again or go to somewhere else in the world to angle, feel a strong sense of exotic culture and touch more fishes. Next time I am going to try with tungsten weights.
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