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A Great Experience in Pardde Reservoir

It gave me a boost after the first fishing tournament of Deltal. To tell the truth, the fish in America was harder to catch than I had thought. The point is the density of fish in water. In the wild of America, it has lower density of fish compared with that of China. Searching for fish became a key issue. Moreover, the large-mouth bass in America is cleverer than that in China, especially those elder ones with big size, they had gone through many battles, vanquished many foes. It would be difficult to get them.

Grind the Spear Just Before A Battle
My second fishing game in club was held in Pardde Reservoir, it was a mountain type reservoir. Since the water of this reservoir was the cleanest I had ever seen, there was no wonder that the visibility was much high, you could see 4 meters below the surface. Moreover, it was among the few reservoirs that abounded with small-mouth bass. According to a report, there existed some giants, which could be beyond your imagination.
I had never caught small-mouth bass. Though it belongs to the bass family, it is different from other kinds indeed. Since I knew little about small-mouth bass, and never had I seen them in China, all things about it was from hearsay. No sooner had I known the game was about the large mouth and the small mouth, I turned to my friend A Qiu who was living in the East Coast for some suggestions, because he often caught the small-mouth bass there. He fervently offered me a hydrograph of Pardde, and then we analyzed and had a talk on it for a while. However, talk was just a talk, I was still unsure about the angling.
On Friday night, I stayed in dormitory to make preparation for the game on Saturday, equipping myself with down shot jig, exquisite shad, spinner bait and a small popper.
The captain of this trip was Mark. In view of the three hours’ journey between Pardde and school. We made appointment that he came to school and pick me at 2 A.M. After everything was packed up, it was 10 P.M already. However, tossing and turning restlessly, I was anxious. And more anxious I was, more difficult to get to sleep. I had no idea if it was out of anxiety or excitement, images of small-mouth bass filled my head. Probably I was too solicitous of the coming of tomorrow.
While I was snoozing, the phone rang, Mark has arrived. I put on my clothes immediately and took my tackle box to go out. Seeing that I was in such hurry, my roommates said,” This madman is definitely going fishing again,”
Mark’s ship was not as fancy as I had expected, but a ranger of 90s. However, to me, it was fantastic! Mark gave me a warm welcome as I stepped into the car then asked me how my preparation was. I answered that I had never tried small-mouth bass, so I was tense and unsure. He laughed it away and said,” Just take it as large-mouth bass.” We chatted away and bought some foods midway, which somehow relieved my pressure.
Remorse and Surprise
The sky was getting bright, but I still took a nap for a while. When I woke up again, I realized that I was already in Pardde. The parking lot was full of Pickup trucks and kayaks. After greeting friends of the same club, I climbed up the boat and pack my thing. The game came with the first rays of the morning sun.
Mark has angled here only for one time, we were so unfamiliar with this water. He quickly drove his boat to somewhere below the cliff. The depth of water was 12 meters. The sky was overcast; therefore, I could only saw the instinct shapes of the rock. We failed to catch the small-mouth bass for the first rod. Then I gave another try, still the same. Hence, I changed my Tungsten Flipping Weight and used down shot jig instead. Not for a while, a ship was driving near but it turned to another direction after seeing us fishing here, I guessed they also want to fish here. Out of sudden, I felt my lines lightly bounced, then I cautiously tried to take it back. It was a bite! Quick as a wink, I pulled it out and then stab it, everything was done smoothly. A large-mouth bass that rightly met the standard, I was still delighted though it was not so large. After all, it was my first catch since the game just started. Mark replaced his bait with down shot jig, and soon enough he caught one. Even so, that one didn’t match the standard, he had to let it go. After that, I caught another two large-mouth bass, neither of them was qualified.
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