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Unforgettable Days in Korean Bass Fishing Tournament

Right after Chinese Outdoor Bassing (COB) coming to its end in Sichuan Province, I received the invitation from Kim Jongjiu, the president of NS; and Chairman An of NS Blackhole. It was great honor to be invited in Korean Bass Fishing Tournament (One of the three biggest tournaments in Korea), which had a 15-year-history. I excitedly accepted the the invitation, being full of expectant and high spirit, I was really looking forward to it.
Flying to Korea
On June 26th, 2014, we arrived at Inchon International Airport. Crews of NS gave us warmly welcome as soon as we got down of the plane. Next, they drove us to the NS factory. Upon we arrived, President Kim had already been waiting there. He guided us to visit his factory and gave a detailed introduction of it, including the production process and the key link of production. Through his manifestation, mature manufacturing technology of NS had showed its best. It gave me a shock when I heard that every work staff had more 20 years of work experience and the average age was over 45 years old. Considering their large-scaled factory, technical maturity and experienced staffs, they must be an expertise in bass fishing.
On the second day, we came over a popular local fishing tackle shop. The owner tried to keep up with our demand, depicted us the behaviors of Korean bass and the way to get them in some details. Hearing that I was about to take part in the game, he specially made me four jigs of game standard, and I picked some lures for a try on the third day and for formal event on the fourth day.
I absorb the essence that local anglers had shared with me and combined it with my judgement, we discussed on the fishing skill for a long time to make better preparation of the coming season. From my opinion, this game was totally different from that of China, whether in place, fish’s activity, rules, fishing methods or mode, which completely subverted my mind and added to me much pressure. Hence, I lost all the confidence for the game. President Kim comforted me and said,” Just relax yourself and enjoy the game, take it as a good chance to learn rather than competition, it’s no big deal!”
Back to the headquarters of NS, President Kim and signed Korean angler Azan asked what fishing method I was skilled in. Afterwards, they took me to choose fishing rods for next days. At 5 P.M, I and Azan set out to competition sites, Andongho Lake. It took five hours to drive to Andongho Lake. On the road, he prudentially told me the rule of the competition in English, in this way can he be understood. Though there was language barrier between us, the attraction of fishing bridge the gap.
Swinging Rods Before Formal Event
It was on June 28th, 2014, I got up at 5 A.M and went straight to the pier, along which parked number of kayaks, I was quite shocked, because it was very rare to see one in China. Besides, everyone in here was well-equipped, I felt more anxiety in my heart. Azan took me to his kayak and introduced it to me. He also shared with me some experiences gained through playing matches and remarkable results he had achieved. As he told me, he had 3 consecutive victories. The pity of it was that my partner was not a 3-consecutive winner.
Had everything prepared, we set out from the pier. It took us about 15 minutes to the first spot. I brought two rods, one was straight rod, the other is carbon gun handle. For the down shot rig, I used 10g down shot hook + circle style hook + Tenebrio molitor. At the first spot, with the help of fish finder, I chose jig head to angle. It sank to the bottom, and I slowly operated to detect fish. In a few minutes, something swallowed the hook. I stabbed it and took back the line, all the action being done smoothly. However, it was not as big as I expected. Azan told me sadly that this kind of small bass doesn’t meet the standard. Available length was 35 cm.
After incessantly casting rod and catching fish for a day, I had some knowledge of the Andongho Lake, whether on water condition or fishes’ characters. No sooner after we went back to the pier, there came my partner- Kang, a signed angler of NS. He had more than 20 years of fishing experience and high-quality equipment. He was a man of less words but more prudence. So kindly was he that he carefully checked my tackle box and then shared with me some dos and don’ts.
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