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FISH PABY is a professional tungsten putty manufacturer. We are from the largest tungsten alloy production industrial area in Asia, specializing in the production of tungsten putty. If you are interested in our tungsten putty, please contact us at here >>> REQUEST QUOTE.
t was on June 29th, 2014, I woke up at 4:30 A.M. Having packed up everything I need during the game, left for the pier, in which almost every competitor enjoyed their breakfast, to have mine. At 6 P.M, we paid the registration fee at the organization committee and drew the number slip of kayaks. Considering that there were about 200 kayaks, we had to draw the number. It was required that every 30 kayaks were a group. Fortunately, mine was No.23, which means I was about to go at the first batch. At 7’o clock, the host of organization committee read the rules and all the matters that needed attention: The game will last for 7 hours, the space between each kayak should be no less than 100 meters, the available length of bass should be 35 cm; Anglers who don’t come back on time, their scores should be cancelled; One should never interfere with others and their kayaks when they are in the same area; Once you set off, you should run at idle and the distance between two kayaks should be no less than 100 meters; During the game, you are not allowed to use mobile phone, otherwise you are disqualified from the competition; Dead fish should not be taken into consideration; Last but not least, all the anglers should wear life jacket. We all boarded the kayak at 7:50 P.M and got prepared before the kick-off. Mr. Kang reminded me taking my number slip and raising it up to notice the judge.

  At 8’o clock, the game got started. We drove out of the pier at low speed till the judge waving his flag then we speeded up. Ranger was a large boat with the speed of 275 km/h, my face screwed up by the blowing wind when the boat sailing at full speed. After driving for 40 minutes, we arrived in the first spot, a tip spot. The visibility of the water was very good, about 8-meter-deep. Mr. Kang parked the boat and pointed at the fish finder, telling me the water condition and depth of the water. I checked the finder carefully and found out that 100-meter-deep was the most likely place for fish to hide themselves. I chose down shot rig for my first try. Never had I imagined that I got a qualified fish since my first rod, and so had Mr. Kang! After we had tasted the sweetness of catch, we changed to the other side. Mr. Kang casted his first rod, it was about 5 meters away from the shore. As soon as the bait had sunk to the bottom, he abruptly turned to me and said,” NET.” He didn’t stab the target. It was because the fish was so big that he wanted it to bite longer, so he postponed his action. Hence, I put aside my fishing rod and took a tuck net, prepared for the coming giant. Next, Mr. Kang completed a series of actions: lifting rod, catching fish and then fighting for it. After a while, we saw clearly the shape of it and it was indeed a giant as expected. However, one should never count his chicken before they are hatched. Accidently, no sooner than it came out of water, oops, the line was cut.

I felt a little bit disappointed, but Mr. Kang gave me a smile and said,” It’s no big deal, keep going!” It was exactly good attitude what a professional angler should have-calmness and easiness. We had spent almost an hour fishing in this area and caught three qualified fish. The second fishing spot was in the middle of the reservoir, of which the depth was 15 meters. To achieve better sinking speed, I changed my 5g down shot rig to 10g one. About 30 minutes had passed, nothing showed up. I could not help but thinking if there was any fish. However, the fish finder said there were indeed some fishes being active in this area. Therefore, I changed my bait from a red trout worm to a green one. And put on the tungsten putty. Sure enough, after it sank to the bottom, I dragged it and then stopped for a while. There was a bite! I knew it clearly that it was a big fish. Taking a deep breath, I softly pulled the rod for little bit, then I felt the weight. As cautious as possible, I controlled it and then Mr. Kang did me a favor by using a tuck net to get the target done. We gave each us a high five for celebration, he told me excitedly,” If we could catch another four fish like this one, we shall achieve success!”
We became more confident and kept casting and searching, had changed 5 spots, all of them were about 15-meter-deep. We had caught 15 qualified fishes, then we selected the biggest five fishes, took them to the pier.
Eventually, we won the second prize with the total of 6.58kg. It was not only the first time to angle abroad but also the first time to corporate with foreigner. What’s more,it was the first time for me to receive international prize.

tungsten putty is made of heavy metal tungsten added to a small amount of other rare metals, and its specific gravity is larger than that of lead.It is more sensitive to lead, and it is environmentally friendly and non-polluting. The traits are soft like soil, but they are addedThere are a small amount of other metals, so they harden when exposed to water, forming a solid like lead.Therefore, it can be reused.Therefore, the economy is very good. It is deeply loved by the majority of competitive fishing and leisure fishing enthusiasts!

If you have any questions about our tungsten putty, please contact me directly, I am happy to receive the message.
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