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Tungsten Beads And Fly Fishing

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Winter is about to pass and spring is coming soon.The arrival of spring means that the season of flying fishing is approaching.Before the fly fishing, should we prepare the fly fishing rod, fly fishing line, fly fishing reel and flies with fly tying beads or tungsten tying beads?
We will discuss flying fishing rods today. As for the line, the reel and the flies, we will also make a narrative later. We will focus on the explanation for flies with fly tying tungsten beads..
fly fishing can be said to be one of the most beautiful stretches in the world. Once you enter into the world of fly fishing, you will be fascinated by it!
It is like a beautiful dance, with blue sky and green hills as the background, with green trees and clear water as the stage, let you cast freely. Gradually, you will no longer be demanding how many fish you get, but instead focus on the sport itself, integrating your mind and body into pure nature.
Before introducing the various equipment, we will briefly introduce the "number" of the relevant equipment. fly fishing technology is complex and requires high matching between equipment. fly fishing rods, fly fishing lines, fly fishing reels and even leaders  must be strictly matched.For example, the No. 5 rod is equipped with a suitable fly-fishing reel, which is more balanced and labor-saving when swaying; the No. 5 rod is equipped with the No. 5 flying fishing line, and the throwing is smooth; the No. 2 rod is equipped with the No. 2 line, the overall operation is light and supple, but The target fish caught is relatively small. If you have a 0X Leader, you will have problems.
Basically, the bigger the number of rod, the stronger the scorpion, the thicker the line, the bigger the reel, and the larger the target fish. The number of the leader is 0X~6X. The larger the number, the finer the line. Such as fishing salmon, can be used 0X, 1X Leader, fishing for trout can use 4X Leader.
The numbers of rod, line and reel are marked accordingly. For example, the #5/6 dice means that the #5 or #6 line can be matched; the range of the reel is relatively wide, the requirements are not very strict, and the matching is sufficient.
In general, beginners should choose the equipment with moderate numbers. We recommend that you use the No. 6 rod and line. The number and line of this number are relatively moderate. The target fish can be used both large and small, suitable for novices. After the operation becomes more and more proficient, supplement the equipment of different numbers according to personal preference and different target fish.
Today we will talk about the most important fly fishing in the fly fishing.Why is the fly fishing rod the most important part of fly fishing?Because if you don't fly, you don't need the fly rod. A poor quality or wrong fishing rod can destroy the perfect day of fishing. But with a suitable fly fishing rod, you can really enjoy the fun of flying fishing.
fly fishing rods are generally slender than ordinary sea otters, with lengths between 2 and 3 meters. They are characterized by lightness, fineness and good elasticity.
Because fly fishing is thrown all the time, only the choice of lightweight scorpion will cause fatigue due to long-term wielding.
Everyone has different preferences for the rod and the choices are different. Some people like hard rod, others like soft ones. In addition, the quality of the rod is directly related to the solid foundation of the beginner's throwing technology. If the scorpion is not suitable from the beginning, or the quality is poor, it will not be conducive to beginners to lay the foundation of fly fishing. If you do the basics of fly fishing, it is very difficult to really enter the world of fly fishing.
Therefore, we recommend that beginners, the first fly fishing rod must not choose too cheap, soft and hard to be moderate, flexible.
The price of fly fishing rods varies widely, from as low as $30 to as high as $700 to $800. In general, beginners can buy a dice at a price of about $150. When you buy it, you must personally wield the trial and feel the length, hardness, elasticity, etc., to ensure that the dice suits your style and preferences.
Therefore, when choosing a fly fishing rod, you should choose the most cost-effective one, and choose the one that is most suitable for your own use.
In addition, if you have any questions about choosing a fly fishing rod or other flying fishing equipment, or if you don't know much about the brand of fly rod, please feel free to contact us. We will recommend the most professional and best fly fishing options for you.

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