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FISH PABY Supply Fly Tying Tungsten Beads

We are one of the best flying fishing equipment suppliers in China.We supply fly tying tungsten beads with short lead time,non-toxic,environmental and chip resistance.Any questions or inquiry,please feel free to contact us at here REQUEST QUOTE.

As a fan of fly fishing, are you unpleasant during the fishing process because of some problems with the fly fishing reel? Do you have a good choice and maintenance for the fly fishing  reel? So how do you know how to choose and maintain the fly fishing wheel?

If you are confused about the above issues, then congratulations. You are in the right place.OK.Now let's start sharing today.

When we choose a fly reel, we should first pay attention to what kind of fly main line and spare line this spool is suitable for. Then we need to consider the overall weight of the fly reel after it is loaded onto the pole.Since the fly fishing method has a very frequent number of throws and casts, the weight of the fly reel has a direct relationship with the balance of the fly fishing equipment and the strength of the fly. FISHPABY recommends that if you buy a fly reel, it is best to take the dice and test whether the installed equipment is suitable.

Usually, when the fly reel is mounted on the fly rod, its balance point is about 1/3 to 1/2 of the front end of the fly fishing rod. In particular, the center of gravity of the slow-toned rod is softer, and the flyweight of the same weight will tilt forward compared to its own center of gravity. Therefore, the weight of the fly reel can be adjusted to be slightly larger when the weight of the scorpion is slowly adjusted.Due to the small number of fly fishing products in stores, many fly fishing enthusiasts like to buy in B2B/B2C and other e-commerce channels.You need to pay attention to the following aspects when you purchase fly fishing equipment online.First, when purchasing a fly reel on the Internet, it is impossible to load the  reel on the rod for testing. Therefore, In order to avoid receiving the goods, you will find that you are not the specifications you want.Please carefully read the parameters and weights marked by the seller on the Internet. Second, not all fly reels can be adjusted by left and right hands, and some are not tunable in the direction of the left and right hands. It is best to read the catalogue instructions carefully before purchasing.

As for the style, if you like to fly the sea, you should choose a fly-fishing reel with anti-corrosion treatment on the surface and internal structure.Otherwise, the fly-fishing reel will be damaged by the strong corrosive ability of the sea.For fly reels used for big target fish, it is necessary to choose a style with good brake structure and performance.For those who need to change various main lines according to various fishing conditions, you should choose a squirrel fly reel that can change the spool.

The fly reel has a simple structure.Although the maintenance method is also very easy, the user cannot be lazy.After returning home, remove the bobbin and pull out the main line. Rinse the area where there may be fine sand or easy salt in the water, and then dry it and then apply butter.It is important to note that after seawater fishing, it is best to rinse it once with clean water, and then go home and follow the above methods.

If you have any other questions about fly fishingfly fishing equipment or flying fishing tying tungsten beads, please feel free to contact FISH PABY.

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