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Most novices are still in the simplest sense of fly fishing. These aspects can be divided into : throwing, equipment, flies, fish species. For those who have been playing for some time, some of the perceptions are more one-sided. Now let's take a look.

1.Cognition of throwing

The world in which most newcomers walk into the fly should be due to the yearning for flies.When you look at the dazzling fly lines on the online video, do you have the urge to buy a set of equipment to go to the water?

However, it is necessary to understand that the so-called practice makes perfect. Maybe everyone only saw the skill of the angler, but you don’t know that people are growing up from the novices step by step.The initial throw-in will make it impossible for the average newcomer to stick to it, because throwing is actually boring.But as long as the theory is clearly understood and applied and practiced, then the cast can be freely desired.

Suggestion: At the beginning of the practice, the tonality of the fishing rod is the best choice in the quick adjustment, the number is probably on the 4-5.Avoid being too hard, too heavy or too soft to the body.At first, you can use the hooks and tie them directly. It is best to tie the front wire or a nylon thread of about 2 meters during practice.

At the beginning of the exercise, you can hold a roll paper between the wrist and the reel seat, or you can turn the rod and use your reels against the wrist.It is best to practice the one-handed grip. The main line does not need to be put up very long. Although the comparison of long points is a test of personal skills, it is difficult to practice with long line. Let's take it slowly.

2.Doubt about equipment

I believe that newcomers will have the following question: How to choose equipment according to the fishing environment? For example, there is a large target fish in a reservoir, but it is far from the shore and the shore is a steep slope. In the face of this situation, how do we fish?

Under such circumstances, I suggest to find out if you can find a place with throwing space. If you don't have it, you can see if you can get on the boat and go fishing far away from the shore. Because there is a certain large of space for fly fishing.Regarding equipment, the first is the flies. Squat is a more greedy carnivorous fish. For small fish, the flies should be the first choice.At this time, the rod can choose the #5, #6, and #7. If the wind is strong, you can choose bigger number.The main line is generally divided into  float line, sink line, slow sink line, and front end sink line.Therefore, the following points should be considered in the line selection: the size and stroke of the flies, where the fish are foraging, and how the wind is. If you choose equipment according to the above points, I believe it will be successful

3.Understanding of the hook

Some people will find that some simulated flies are more effective than some models that look simple.Sometimes the simulated flies are better than simple, but this does not mean that simple styles don't work well.The target fish only recognizes the posture of the flies. In other words, it looks like your flies does not act like what it usually eats.

Fish bites have two motives.The first is that your flies is the same as its food, and the second is because of curiosity.The fish has no hands, so it can't touch the novelty things that they haven't seen like people.The abstract style of the flies is made for the curiosity of the fish. Because the abstract flies can imitate a lot of things, including the action can also be changed with the manipulation method.

Next, let’s talk about the making of the flies.There are many materials for making flies. some of which look soft on the surface, and actually get a mess in the water.Some fishing enthusiasts like to tie their flies and throw them into the water to see the gesture. This is a good habit. So to understand what kind of flies you want to tie, you can use the existing materials to tie out the targeted flies.

4.Cognition of fingerlings

I often hear my friends say that there is no fish to catch.Some people want to study fishing for a certain fish, but they are entangled in what equipment. Both of these are due to the lack of awareness of the fish.

For example, many people have seen other people catch squid with fly fishing, but few people in our country have not had such a catch. Why can't we catch squid with fly fishing in the deep waters where some big squid inhabit the wild?

Some people may say that the layer is wrong, the squid is at the bottom of the water, and a high-speed submerged line should be used.However, the problem arises here. The main line of the fly is generally about 28 meters, and there are also special lines of 37 meters and 40 meters. However, some reservoirs with large carp in China are 20-60 meters deep. Even if all the lines can be thrown out, there is no way to completely reach the reservoir.

Above are some of the ideas we shared today about fly fishing.If you have any ideas or issues of tungsten beads,please feel free to contact us.Thank you.

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