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Tips for Catching Mandarin Fish

We are familiar but also strange with mandarin fish. The reason why I said so is that we often hear about its name on forum, but we are confused with the fishing technique of it.
Among all the predatory fish, mandarin fish is a sniper. It hides beneath the water where invasive baits are very likely get stuck here. It just watches their performance, silently. Abruptly, it launches an attack. Anyone who has played against it must feel excited about it. Now let’s take lessons to catch mandarin fish!
Finding A Casting Spot
To get mandarin fish, one must find a good fishing spot. Level ground is not a place where mandarin fish would likely to inhabit. They prefer water with obstacle. If there are stones and rocks, bridge, roots of tree that stretches to the water, stone embankment, dam, outlet of hydropower station, river banks, there must be mandarin fish.
Many friends of mine stick to the idea “throw a long line to catch a big fish”. What does it mean? Just like what we usually do when we are angling: we incline to throw our baits as far as possible, 50 meters or 80 meters away from the casting point. It is exactly apposite to how to tackle with mandarin fish, which is relative to their habitus to a great extent. For example, if we angle in fresh water, our target place would be stones besides the river bank, flood control dam, those are typical casting spot. As we often hear from anglers on when they share fishing experience online: if mandarin fish launches an attack when we roll back bait almost to the shore, which proves that mandarin fish usually inhabits by the shore, thus, there is no need to angle with wrong pint of view and waste our energy with the risk of losing baits due to obstacles. Setting your casting point here and throwing your bait just for 8 or 10 meters away from the shore will assure your catch, sometimes 4 or 5 meters would also attract a bite.
Equipping Yourself with Fine Tools
As to fishing rod, no matter in the reservoir or the river course, we use the fishing rod whose power rating is medium or medium light. If the current is not so swift, we could use light fishing rod or ultra-light one.
As to fishing reel, it is required to match the rod.
As to fishing line, it would be better if we use carbon fishing line, because the advantage of it is abrasion-resistant. On the one hand, places we choose to angle are usually of messy and complex terrain. On the other hand, considering the peculiar fishing way of mandarin fish, the fishing line is inevitably worn due to friction with things beneath the water. Hence, carbon fishing line is a unique choice of catching mandarin fish.
Selection of Baits and Use of Technique
People are confused about the selection of different baits when the target fish is mandarin fish. Most of anglers would like to use spinner baits or jig heads with curl tails
How to choose a right spinner bait? Generally speaking, a spinner bait in natural color or silver color is the best option, and the weight of it depends on the circumstance, mainly on the water flow. When casting your rod in the river course, the current of the river is fast flowing and treacherous. If the baits we use are slightly light, once they were threw away, they would be flushed by the stream, not to mention that it will sink to bottom. Therefore, more attention needs to be paid on the weight.
How to choose a jig head or a curl tail? When purchasing jig heads, you’d better choose those with sharp tip, straight neck of hook, which meets a targeted criterion. The body of curl tail should be soft and tenacious as well. Provided that mandarin fish has sharp teeth, the qualification of curl tail is naturally high, it should resist chewing and gnawing. As to the color, red, green, white and natural color serve best.
The combination of Texas rig and mini shrimp bait, or down shot rig (usually applied in the reservoir) and those soft baits in fish shape are often used for catching mandarin fish, such as metal VIB, minnow, plastic VIB, etc. They will assure you fruitful outcomes when fishing in the shore or reservoirs.
The Technique of Angling
As to spinner bait, people usually operate it at even speed, sometimes combined with fixed rhythm.
As to jig head, we mainly operate it at the bottom at an even speed, sometimes combined with fixed rhythm, so does Texas rig. We usually drive them jump at the bottom.
As to Minnow, it is used in stone area of shallow water. After it dives to the bottom, we slowly take it back with the pole head upwardly shaking, which enables the bait leaping forward.
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