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Tungsten Putty

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Introduction of tungsten putty

tungsten putty is a kind of hard to hardening, resilient material, is made of tungsten powder and polymer binder. tungsten putty is a new kind of tungsten products, overturned it before tungsten products consistently hardened metal rich texture image, not hardening, has certain flexibility can be molded into various shapes. Its special performance makes it more and more widely used in many fields, the main USES are toy weights and fishing pendant.

The shape of the tungsten putty

tungsten putty at room temperature has a fixed shape, with the increase of temperature sludge will gradually become soft, like silly putty can be arbitrary kneading change shape, that is tungsten the basic form of the putty. tungsten putty is usually colored, can turn into a its color after dyeing, such as gray, red, green, brown, dyeing will not affect the performance of the product.

The performance of the tungsten putty

tungsten putty has many unique properties, mainly reflected in arbitrary shape and high density, viscosity, non-toxic, hydrophobic performance. tungsten putty in 8 g/cm3 density ~ 10 g/cm3, second only to the density of lead (11.3 g/cm3) can be used as weight products. Combined with tungsten can arbitrarily change the shape of the putty, for satisfying the adjustment will be more flexible.

tungsten putty also has the viscosity and water proofing property, the performance advantage is mainly embodied in the use of fishing gear, a tungsten putty can replace fish pendant products as hook dive balances.

The advantage of tungsten putty

1. The tungsten putty can be made into any shape you want.

2. The tungsten putty sticky.

3. The tungsten putty density is 1.8 times higher than lead.

4. tungsten putty non-toxic, children use safety.

5. tungsten putty can save a lot of time, you can use tungsten putty made counterweight parts directly, without cumbersome process.

6. tungsten putty is waterproof and can be used for fishing gear.

The purpose of the tungsten putty

The density of toy counterweight: tungsten putty has certain advantage so commonly used weight products use, can be used for pine toy cars, model aircraft weight, etc. tungsten putty can knead, to fine-tune weight, easy to control the weight of the counterweight. tungsten putty composition is non-toxic, especially suitable for children to use.

Fish pendant: tungsten putty is hydrophobic, so can be used as fishing pendant in fishing gear, with handle gently knead can put the tungsten putty fixed on the line or hook, has the very good concealment, facilitate used in all kinds of waters. The density of tungsten putty, use tungsten putty can let the fish pendant sinking faster.

Tungsten deposit putty

tungsten putty under normal temperature is solid shape under the action of force will change accordingly, appeared glossy surface condition. tungsten putty doesn't fit in the outdoor environment, the tungsten in the air the putty is easy to crack of dry and dehydration hardening in the end. So tungsten putty generally stored in a closed space, and the temperature is too high. After use, tungsten putty may have a lot of impurities, so it's best to the original store separately, so that we can guarantee the tungsten putty purity. tungsten putty kept away from children to avoid eating.

Matters needing attention

tungsten putty is a kind of healthy environmental protection new product, its itself does not contain toxic ingredients will not damage to the environment, has a long service life. Since this product is often used with children's toys, keep it out of the reach of children and wash your hands after handling it. tungsten putty in storage and food together in case to avoid eating by mistake, and far from where the children can touch. In the use of tungsten putty to ensure that there are accompanied by an adult, in case of happening outside. If swallowing behavior is detected, disgorge the child immediately. In severe cases, disgorge the child immediately to the hospital.
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