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Tungsten bullet weight is used to increase the diving force bait, anchorage force, and threw it far degrees. Tungsten bullet weight can be small to 1/32 oz for shallow water, even less used to catch fish. Or as big as 2oz for deep-sea fishing. They can have all kinds of different shapes, and environmental problems are the main problem of choosing fishing weights material. Fishing weights are usually made of lead and fitted with a hook, usually covered in soft material to attract fish. However, in recent years, tungsten alloy has been increasingly used as fishing weights because of its high density, small size and environmental protection. A pendant is usually pulsating vertically, unlike a spinner baits is at the top.

Now, let's talk about Catching Mandarin Fish
Weather and Pressure
Mandarin fish is very sensitive to the Oxygen; therefore, weather plays an important part in catching Mandarin. What’s more, a good weather is a half success.
Take my first fishing experience as an example. I got up very early that day, upon my arriving at the river, the day just turned bright. After taking a deep breath and blow, I casted my first rod, soon enough a big fish was on hook, then came many surprises. Every so often some small mandarin fishes also chased after my bait and tungsten weight. However, about an hour later, dark clouds were gathering overhead, as if it was going to rain. I felt the air was heavy, moist and sultry. Fishes were emotional as well, on one second, they were lured by my bait, next second, they didn’t give a shit about it. Half an hour later, the worst of the storm was yet to come. Fortunately, a fresh breeze puffed across the river, which brought me unexpected harvest. It was no more than two hours that my tackle box was filled with mandarin fish.
When I was lying on my bed that night, I couldn’t help wondering where went wrong, why the fish turned around. Have been thinking for a while then I realized it was due to the pressure. When the clouds were dark and threatening, anglers felt oppressive, fishes stopped biting. Only when the sky cleared up again, a cool breeze blowing and the barometric pressure increasing, so could fishes alive again. In this way, good condition is of great importance for fishing.
Spring: Zhang Zhihe, poet of Tang Dynasty, once wrote in his A Fisherman’s Song: “In front of western hills white egrets fly up and down. Over peach-mirrored stream, where mandarin fishes are full grown.” He tried to illustrate readers a picture of a season when the peach flower blooming, the river flow rising and mandarin fishes growing fat, which meant the fish, after a long hibernation, getting active again when spring comes. To make up the consumption of energy in winter, mandarin fishes eat in large quantities. Therefore, spring is a good season for lure fishing addicts.
Summer: From every May to July, those mandarin fishes that reach sexual maturity will reproduce. From the beginning of summer to the dragon boat festival, it is the spawning season. There is slight difference of date in different place due to the temperature of water. The best condition for mandarin fishes to lay eggs would be 21-23 º Celsius. In the spawning season, they incline to spawn in water entry or outlet of lake with certain running water, or by the lakeshore where water plants are densely covered and water flowing gently. Generally speaking, spawning female fishes have a strong territorial consciousness, accordingly, males and females would not leave their territory incase of eggs being swallowed by others. Even the division of labor is clear: one goes out to find foods, the other hold their ground, because they are afraid of their babies being other’s foods.
Someone posted his experience on the forum, he said he once met a nest of fish, then he had fruitful overcome. Actually, it has a lot to do with fishes’ habits and characteristics. As we had talked about their protection of babies before, we are going deep to their characteristics. As long as mating season comes, they tend to inhabit together and then find a place that is easy to defend but hard to be assaulted, such as a cave among the stones. If mandarin fishes lay eggs in it, they will mark a certain place around their caves and guard them. If other invaders threaten their security, female fishes will guard their eggs, while male fishes will send out a warning to drive invaders out. If the warning is invalid, they will start an attack. Anglers find it most exciting when casting rod in summer. Like someone said on the forum, when people throw their baits and tungsten bullet weights to a right place, try to lure the fish for many times, then the mandarin fish will attack you.
Autumn:In autumn, there is no blazing sun, depression. It is cool and cozy, a fabulous season for anglers to get fishing-addicted. We see anglers angling by the river, reservoir every day. Fishes eat a lot to reserve energy in autumn, for the coming winter. Therefore, they are very active, it’s not challenging to have a bite. Sometimes if a green-hand finds a right place to fish in, he could have a good turn. However, he may be less lucky if it is winter due to the poor weather, thus fishes are less active. 
In fact, there are many similarities between luring mandarin fish and luring Chinese bass, no matter in the selection of baits or the spot. I find there is another name of mandarin fish: rough skin sculpin. Therefore, compared with bass, the fun of mandarin fish is no less than that of bass.
To sum up, it is not us that do not know how to catch mandarin fish, it’s just because we know little about lure fishing.

Parallel to the water. The pendant can be used in the aral sea as well as fresh water areas. Many fish can rise to the bait makes this kind of product is like, especially our tungsten bullet weight, and was deeply loved by lura lovers.
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