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Analysis: Why do fish bite the baits?

After the last sharing, I believe that most people have a very clear understanding of how to choose the right baits.Although I have learned how to choose a bait, have you ever thought about the two problems of why fish biting your bait and why the fish will bite?So today we will analyze the psychology of the fish to see why the fish bite is.
lure fishing uses the dynamics, sounds, and reflections of the baits to attract the fish to bite.But do you know why the fish should bite the bait? If you know the reasons, you will understand the lure fishing more. After all, knowing yourself and knowing each other can win every battle, you know what the fish is thinking, therefore you will know how to deal with it.

All along, the widely accepted saying in China is that fish biting can be divided into the following reasons:

Hunger is the first motivating factor for fish attack baits. This is about 1/3 of all attacks in a year. This is a very important part of getting the fish.About 35% of the bites are from morning and evening.Foraging fish is the easiest to obtain. You can almost catch them with all the baits in your bait box because they are hungry and will not choose food.Although there are some differences in different baits, it is only in the face of hungry fish that the difference in bait is less important.

2.Conditioned reflex
An estimated 25-30% of fish bites are reactive. Reactive behavior is not too different in any predator's behavior, such as cats will catch mice. For me, I might prefer to subdivide into reflective and reactive attacks. There is limited space here and no subdivision.

The third most important reason for the fish's attack is out of anger. Usually, you get a reactive or hunger attack on the first shot of the punctuation. But if you keep throwing the same punctuation, it is actually to irritate the fish, causing the fish to attack. Maybe you throw 5 to 10 times on the same punctuation, and the angry attack that continues to throw the throw is unimaginable.

4.Instinct for self-protection
Take the behavior of squid as an example, you will encounter the protective instinct behavior of fish in the spring spawning season. At this time, they will attack the bait for protection. In this short period of time, these fish are protecting the bed, they will not care about other interference factors, and anything that is close to the nest will attack them.

Curiosity is a relatively small factor. It accounts for 2%-3% of the total number of attacks a year. But this small percentage is very important in clean water. It has been observed that fish in clear water will swim over, close to the surface of the water or bait to see the surface of the water or soft bait. We would rather believe that in this case, the fish is out of curiosity!

6. Competition
Here I take a common robbing behavior as an example.A truck loaded with apples fell over the roadside, and many people rushed to grab apples。Are they going to compete for these apples because they have no money? Or is it because of hunger? But instead of there will be no more if I don’t go to!Competition is a very strong motivating factor, especially in deep waters, where there is competition when fish are in droves.When one of them starts the attack, it will stimulate the interest of other fish. This means that the predation begins. Sometimes the competition is fierce to the point of exaggeration, that is, we say the fried water!

7.Instinct based on the protection of the self domain
The bite is due to the strong sense of the field that accounts for the vast majority of the total number of biting throughout the year.Why?Because it is usually the case that big fish are more domain-conscious, so they will maintain the areas they occupy.And the maintenance field is bound to create a struggle.What is the use of fish fights? They certainly can't use their hands or feet, so they can only use their mouths! So this creates a phenomenon of fish biting and you can get fish.

8、Instinct as a killer
We usually encounter a small fish attacking a big bait. In the case of squid, the squid knows that it can't be swallowed larger than its esophagus, and the small fish just tries to kill it.The fish bite is also the same.They didn't want to eat a bait bigger than them, but wanted to kill it. In this process, the fish is caught.
These are some of my personal insights into the reasons for the fish biting. If you have any unique ideas in this major, please don't forget to contact us.
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