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The choice of hooks in the Texas Rig

The Texas Rig is recognized as a very classic fishing tackle combination in the lure fishing.Why do we think so?One of the reasons is because it is very versatile. no matter where, when, and what fishing environment, and it is very convenient for the fisherman.

The Texas Rig contains tungsten fishing weight(means best quality flipping tungsten sinker) , soft bait, and bead. of which the hook is the core.But the hook is core.Many fishermen think that Lure can use the artificial lure to avoid the choice of hooks.But in fact, in so many different types and shapes of hooks, it is really necessary to use some skills to choose a suitable one. Let’s take a look at how to choose the hook of the Texas Rig.
1.The size of hook
The size of the hook is differentiated by model, and the model corresponds to the distance from the hook tip to the hook shank.Larger hooks (1/0-10/0) indicate that the larger the sizes, the bigger the hook; and the smaller the smaller (1-14, not 0), the smaller the number of the marked, the larger the hook.The hook can be further divided into a thin body and a thick body. For the Texas Rig, we focus on the large sizes and hooks with thick hook body.
2.Choose the right size and thickness


Choosing the suitable size and thickness of the hook is very important for the soft bait's stroke, and will have influences on the fished fish.
The choice of the thickness of the shank needs to be adjusted in combination with fishing points such as the obstacles in the river, lake or reservoir, the number of fishing lines and the tonality of the fishing rod.
A.If you are in a water with many water grass and stone, using a 20-pound carbon line and a medium-hard or hard-tipped fishing rod.In this situation,you need to use a hook with a thick shank.Because the hook of with thin shank is likely to be unable to withstand large pulling forces and is straightened.However,the hook with thick shank can pull the fish out of the obstacles such as stones and branches with a large pulling force.And the thicker the hook, the lower the chance of  fish lost.
B.But not the thicker the shank the better.When you use a soft-tipped fishing rod and a thin fishing line, you may not be able to effectively hook the fish if you use a hook with a thick shank, because you don't have a hard-tipped fishing rod to transmit the corresponding force.
Usually the size of the hook depends on the size of the soft bait. For example, a 5/0 hook is suitable to a soft bait of about 25cm .


When using a smaller soft bait or insect soft bait, you can choose a smaller hook (2/0, 3/0, 4/0).As long as it does not affect the effect of the hook on the fish, you can choose the smallest possible hook.

3、Three classic hooks
For specifically used in the hooks of the Texas Rig, there are three of the most classic hooks recommended for everyone, so you will not be lost in a large number of hooks.
(1)Straight shank hook
A.When you use the Texas Rig in the obstacle area, the straight shank should be your first choice.Whether in the grass, on the rock, or in the bushes, you can use straight shank hooks, especially for short throws.
B.When you use a straight shank hook, the swimming soft lure that the soft bait swims in the obstacle will not be affected.That's because the straight shank hook can directly transmit the action of the fishing rod, so that the soft bait shows a more vivid stroke.The straight hook action is more connectable than other types of hooks, because the center of gravity of the hook and the hook itself are in a straight line。
C.The narrower the distance from the tip of the straight shank hook to the shank, the less likely the fish will be lost after the fish is caught.
(2)Wide gap crank hook
A.The wide gap crank hook is best suited to a thicker soft bait,because the wide gap gives the soft bait ample space;
B.The wide-gap crank hook is easy to hook the fish's mouth, but it is easy for the fish to run away;
C.Try to choose a small wide-mouth crank hook with a hook gap to reduce the probability of losing the fish.

(3)Narrow gap crank hook
The narrow-gap crank hook is the first choice for the traditional Texas Rig, especially when paired with large, thick soft baits.Due to its suitability for large soft lures, the curved design is particularly effective at this time, preventing the soft bait from falling out.Usually this Texas Rig is often used in the open waters or at the bottom of the waters with fewer obstacles.
This is the end of today's Fishpaby sharing.see you next time.

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