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Five Elements Of Flies Design And Tie

Hello my friends,long time no see.It seems a new season is come.Have you prepare for the new fishing season?

The fly fishing is an important part of the fishing classification.It is apply to freshwater fishing and Great Lakes fishing.
As we know,Fishing lure baits are one of the most important parts of fishing tools.
In terms of bait,I personally think that it is divided into three categories.That is:Soft bait,hard bait and flies.Of course, this is a very simple classification. I think this understanding seems to be profound enough for me as a newcomer to the fishing.
As we said before, the hard bait is divided into the following categories:Crank,Pencil,VIB,Minow and so on;and the soft bait is include Worm,Grub,Craw,Tube,Noddle,Lizard,Trailer etc. Last but not least,the flies that today’s major is comprise Dry fly,Wet fly,Nymph,Streamer,Poper,Emerger and so on. 
Today we will discuss how to evaluate a flies.
I personally think that evaluating a flies should start from five factors: goal, shape, posture, color and size. These five factors are also the key affecting the fish caught. At the same time,the factors are need to be considered when we design and tie the flies.!

The goal is the nature of the flies we tie.Generally divided into two categories, one is the actual hook (for fishing), and the other is the art hook (for viewing).This is the overall positioning of a flies, whether it is practical or ornamental.In the actual binding of the flies, it is not necessary to consider the ornamental nature, but to consider the function of the flies when fishing.A good flies used in fishing must be an accurate expression of the imitation target.

Shape, simply said that this flies whether like his imitation object! 
Whether the proportion and shape of each part of the flies are the same as the shape of the object to be imitated.
Taking insects as an example: not only imitating the insect itself, but sometimes imitating the reflection of the contour of the insect on the water surface, and the change of the water surface ripple caused by the insect's limbs touching the water surface on the water surface.

The pose includes the dynamic and static of the flies.Different types of flies have different criteria.Dry flies should consider static water posture.Streamer needs to take into account the water dynamics of the flies.Such as the head, body, abdomen, tail, leg posture, etc.At the same time,the sound, vibration, and buoyancy are included here.The Poper flies must take into consideration the  the sound. Nymphs, shrimps and crabs often have to consider the problem of submerged in water.
When we make a flies that sinks into a certain layer of water, we usually use a variety of weights such as beads, countersunk, cone heads.At the same time, in order to make these flies more attractive to fish, the manufacturers will also electroplate these weights, making them more vivid and more attractive to fish.Therefore, when choosing beads,heads and cones, you should also pay attention to the choice of bright colors, good color durability, and chip resistance beads.
There are many companies in the world that do very well in the quality of beads, such as Fullmill, Ovris.
By the way, the quality of our products has also been highly valued by many customers.Because we use the most advanced electroplating technology to process the surface of the beads, it is electroplated with 24K gold. Therefore, the quality of our products is unquestionable.

The color of the flies is the key to the fish biting.The color of the flies here refers to the color of the material after the flies is wet.The inherent color and structural color of the material should be considered, as well as the reflection and texture of the flies.

The size is the important factors of the flies we design and tie. Sometimes we need to accurately the size, but sometimes we should give the fish a desired size!So when choosing the size of the beads and hooks, you should also consider this issue. Try to choose according to the size of the fish and the different layers of water, not just according to your own habits.

The above five aspects are to be considered in designing and tying the hooks, and they are also used in fishing. Sometimes it is based on a certain aspect, sometimes it is important in several aspects!

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Ok, discussion and advertising are coming to an end, we will see you tomorrow.
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