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We Introduces New Brand FISHING HUNTER for Top Fishing Tackle Market

At present, the lead material of the fishing gear market is dominated, accounting for 95% of the fish drop market, while the tungsten alloy fish falls to occupy about 5% of the market share of the high-end market.   
The tungsten alloy material is more environmentally friendly and has no pollution to water resources compared to the lead material fish sinker. It is well-known that lead is toxic to both animals and humans. In fishing, fish lines or lead sinkers often break loose by large fish, while lead fish falls cannot be recovered and can affect water sources.
The proportion of lead is about 9, the proportion of tungsten is about 19, and the density of tungsten is twice that of lead. Because the density is higher, the tungsten alloy fish can be cast more accurately when fishing, and the water is more accurate. The sinking feeling is more clear.
The lead fish sinker on the market can see various burrs on the surface, rough and uneven. The tungsten alloy fish sinker is made of die-squeezing powder and sintered, so the appearance is more exquisite and more in line with the needs of the high-end market.
Tungsten fish sinkers are smaller in size and are hidden in fishing lures as counterweight fishing tackle. They are better concealed and are not easily detected by fish. Tungsten fish pendant has many advantages, but only one disadvantage is expensive. Due to the rising price of tungsten raw materials, the price of tungsten products in the world is already very high.
FISHING HUNTER is a brand of an alloy company in Zhuzhou, China.  Zhuzhou is the birthplace of tungsten alloys in China and is the best location for tungsten alloy companies. HAO CARBIDE is the leading company in the Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Industry and the launched FISHING HUNTER brand will be The U.S. market has a wide range of products and colors. Compared to other manufacturers, the delivery cycle is shorter and the quality is better. The appearance is more exquisite. The FISHING HUNTER website link address is http://www.fishpaby.com/
If lead is banned, the current market for fishing weight products where to go.
For more information on FISHING PABY mail to coylema@foxmail.com
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