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Introduction: How Is Tungsten fishing Weight Made?

Introduction: How Is Tungsten fishing Weight Made?

 It is an inevitable trend for tungsten weights to replace the lead weights because of its advantages of environmental protection, non-toxicity, good wind resistance, hard material, accurate fishing, and small concealment. How is the tungsten weight produced? Fishing Hunter, an expert with more than 20 years of experience in the tungsten industry, would like to briefly introduce it for you.
The production process of tungsten weight is a powder metallurgy process. The main raw materials are tungsten, nickel and iron. The most important raw material is tungsten. The percentage of tungsten is above 99%. Tungsten takes up significant proportion, up to 19g/cm³, while the actual proportion of lead is about 9g/cm³. What’s more, tungsten has weak activity and is not prone to chemical reactions, so it is more environmentally friendly and nontoxic to the human body.
The first major process for the production of tungsten weight is the ingredients. Tungsten powder, nickel powder and iron powder are formulated according to the process requirements. The three raw materials were mixed and milled in a ball mill which often takes about 48 hours - 72 hours so that they can be fully ground to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing. Then add the pressing binder to lay the foundation for the next step.
After the raw materials are prepared, the next step is pressing. There are two ways of pressing, one is by punching machine, the other is by injection molding machine. Combined by a powder metallurgy process with a plastic injection molding process. the metal powder injection molding technology is suitable for the mass production of small, precise, complex tungsten weights even with special performance. Taking Fishing Hunter as an example, our company produce fishing weights by this means and is capable to produce 800 ton of it and is also available for almost all the size and shape you customize.
After molding, high temperature sintering is performed. There are two main methods for the sintering process. One is vacuum sintering, and the other is hydrogen sintering. Furthermore, the products out of hydrogen sintering are more stable in performance.Owning 12 sintering furnace , we are more efficiency on sintering as well as manufacturing.
Now the semi-finished tungsten weights are basically formed, the strength and hardness have been also stabilized. However, fine surface treatment is also required , the sintered slag and waste particles will adhere to the surface, Therefore, sandblasting is very important. As a result, the surface of tungsten weights will be bright and clean after surface treatment.
The last major process is coloring. Coloring is generally electroplated or painted. It can spray or electroplate various colors according to customer's requirements. Such as gold, silver, bronze, iron. In total, more than 10 colors can be provided.
After coloring and packaging, the products can be delivered. If you want to know more about the process of manufacturing, please contact Fishing Hunter via Facebook and linked in.
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