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Tungsten Ice Fishing jigs on sales

Ice fishing is Fishing on rivers and lakes with an ice thickness of about 10 cm.Most of fishes can be excellent fly fishing.For example,Carp,Crucian,Sturgeon etc.The best time for Ice fishing is in the Early winter and February.During the day,10 O'Clock to16O'Clock is the best time.

Tungsten jig heads are made of heavy metal castings such as tungsten, stainless steel and other special hooks with long hooks. The heavy metal castings at the front are often designed in different shapes such as round, fish head or triangle, which mainly play the role of weight. It has a bionic effect. In addition, a good head shape plus a reasonable center of gravity design will make the lead hook hook bottom to show the stroke on the head hook, which can effectively avoid the bait hanging in the underwater reef area. Tungsten jig heads suitable for lura bass are required to have the following conditions: weight is 15 to 40 grams, with a lead hook of about 25 grams as the focus of use; head bionic effect is good, color is eye-catching; hook is sharp, strong, rust resistant After the bottom is lowered, the hooking head can be presented with the hook head facing downward and the soft lure tail facing upward; the auxiliary hook can be installed under the hook head. Our bulk tungsten jig heads are of good quality, with a smaller head, more performance and fishing than the average jig heads.

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*Composed of 97% tungsten, it is far denser and more compact than lead, thus also much harder;
*Extremely sensitive, broadcasting every tick and bump your weight contact with - so even the slightest bites can be perceived;

*Easy to work with and make the flies look alive;

*The Fish Paby Tungsten Tear Drop Shot Weight offer the performance of tungsten with reasonable price.

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