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Fly Fishing Tungsten Beads on sales

Tungsten beads are one of the tungsten fishing weights. They are mainly used for fly fishing. Our tungsten beads are divided into two types, one slotted tungsten beads and the other Tungsten Cyclops Beads.

Advantages of our Tungsten Fly Fishing Weights: The products are available in a variety of shapes and can be produced according to drawings and samples. The product is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. There is no harm to the sea creatures and human beings. With a high specific gravity, it can reach the required weight in a smaller volume. Suitable for deep sea fishing gear. Stable performance, anti-seawater corrosion, never rust. Can be electrostatically sprayed in various colors.

Fly fishing uses a bionic bait to imitate insects, moths and other winged insects to stimulate fierce predatory fish in the water.It can be use in Lakes, reservoirs, ponds, rivers,creeks.Most of fishes can be excellent fly fishing.For example,Terapon jarbua,spotted herring and so on.The best time for fly fishing is in the early morning and dusk of the day.

The fishing spot should be kept quiet. The predatory fish are scared and afraid of people. They are extremely sensitive to sound reactions. When changing the fishing spot, the footsteps should be lighter. Use topographic features to conceal yourself, and do not wear brightly colored clothing. In addition, the extent of rejection should not be too great. Try not to make the shadow of the fishing rod fly over the fishing spot so as not to disturb the fishes.

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*Easy to work with and make the flies look alive
*Countersunk to facilitate sliding around the bend of the hook
*Hole in the beads allows the beads easily and smoothly to slide around the hook bend.
*New painted technical,not color fading.

*Easy to work with and make the flies look alive
*Countersunk to facilitate sliding around the bend of the hook
*Hole in the beads allows the beads easily and smoothly to slide around the hook bend.
*New painted technical,not color fading.

Cyslops tungsten ball beads for extra sink on nymph and streamer patterns,
slot aids in sliding the bead on to a wider range of hook types.

Made from pure tungsten which is much heavier than lead and brass

*Suits for wider range of hook types.

*Hole in the beads allows the beads easily and smoothly to slide around the hook bend.

*100% new material, not recycled.

*Shiny and smooth.

Tungsten Cyclops Beads will get flies like beadhead trout nymphs a little deeper.
Smooth hloe and delicate finished will not fray your lines and make flies more live.
Full kinds of siezea and colors avaliable
Tungsten beads will help you catch more fish. Try some on your smallmouth bass streamers and steelhead flies too.

Slotted beads are great for jig hooks but I also use them for straight shanked hooks as well.
By inserting lead wire into the slot you can offset the bead to increase hook gap
and the hold of the hook while also inverting the fly in the water.
The colored beads allow you to add an extra flare or a hotspot to your flies.
They can be use for Wet flies.

Tungsten sloted Beads are high quality, true sized and shaped with brilliant color.
They creat an ideal fishing effect and make your fishing become more comfortable and efficient.
Full kinds of colors and sizes available

Our selection of slotted beads come from one of the best sources we have found.
These beads are made with 97% tungsten content.
The smaller hole and narrower slot helps with placing slotted beads on jig hooks,
removing the need to secure the bead with extra thread wraps to keep it in place.

-Manufactured to our highest standards.

-97% tungsten

-Great selection of colors & finishes

*Tungsten slotted beads are made of 97% pure fishing weight
*Use for Fly Flishing,made flies.
*Smooth hole will noy fray your lines
*Full kinds od colors and sizes available

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