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Supply Bass fishing Insert free valued pro bass fishing fishing sinker tungsten barrel weight

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tungsten barrel weight

1/8oz-1oz 3.5g-28g

pure tungsten alloy

Insert free

customized service:available

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tungsten fishing material Tungsten Barrel Weight

*Tungsten Barrel Weight great for carlina rig: Tungsten Fishing Weights provide anglers with the advantage of a more compact presentation with minimal water resistance and a faster sink rate. Slimmer than equivalent lead weights, hang up less and move freely on line. Tungsten Barrel Fishing Weights perfect for fishing Carolina and punch shot rigs.

*tungsten weights are more environmentally friendly. Environmentally safe, lead-free weights are 95% tungsten and 5% nickel. Tungsten Fishing Weights are equipped with an oxidized, paintless coating that delivers enhanced chip-resistance that allows them to retain their color longer.