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Supply tungsten flipping bullet weight

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tungsten pitching weight

1/16oz-2 1/4oz


various color avaliable

custom service available

pure tungsten

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tungsten flipping bullet weight 

Perfect for flipping, pitching, and punching through heavy cover, 
Tungsten Flipping Weights deliver quality that takes Tungsten Flipping Weights to the next level. Made from 97% pure tungsten, Tungsten Flipping Weights are much smaller and denser than lead weights, which provides increased sensitivity and a more compact profile. They also feature a coned head shape that allows them to easily penetrate through small holes in the cover and pull your bait down to where the fish are. 

To eliminate line fray issues,Tungsten Flipping Weights feature a diamond finished thru-hole that is double coated, heat treated, and polished to give anglers fray free tungsten that won’t damage your line. Covered in a highly durable powder coating,Tungsten Flipping Weights will be your new go-to flipping weights for fishing heavy cover.