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Supply L41101 EWG Sharp Hooks

Tags:worm hook

Description: EWG

Material: high-carbon steel

Size : 2/0# 3/0# 4/0# 5/0#

Packing: bulk pack/ opp bag/ pvc bag

Color: black nickel

—————— Product Presentation ——————


Description: EWG

Material: high-carbon steel

Size :  2/0# 3/0# 4/0# 5/0#

Packing: bulk pack/ opp bag/ pvc bag

Color: black nickel


Extra Wide Gap.  Fit any type of soft plastic.

Closed Eye, Offset Shank. Help to keep lures secure after hookset! The bait will not move up and down when casting, you will never miss a catch.

High Quality Carbon Steel.  Reduces metal elasticity and prevents straightening.

Corrosion, Friction and Oxidation Resistance. Our hooks are long lasting and more durable!

Professionally Designed and subjected to stringent quality testing – these are Extremely Sharp Hooks ✔ Our hooks provide the best fishing experience.

Outstanding Manufacturing Heat Treatment Process . Our hooks always keep their shape.

Presents Bait NATURALLY with MINIMAL weight . Tighten the line to see for yourself.