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Supply TUNGSTEN GLOW Jigheads 5mm - Panfish Jigs

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—————— Product Presentation ——————

Tungsten is a metal, also called wolfram, that in its pure form is about 40% denser than lead. This means ice fishing jigs made of tungsten are a lot heavier than the lead jig-heads of the same size. Because of the compact profile and the heavy-weight performance, these tungsten jigs have less water resistance and a much faster sink rate and will get to the strike zone quicker. Small-profile jigs will help you entice spooky and finicky fish while having the sensitivity of larger lead jigs.


These jigs are luminescent, they will glow in the dark, attracting fish from far in deep or murky water.


Size:2.5mm (0.25g)
Size:3.2mm (0.5g)
Size:4.0mm (1g)
Size:5.0mm (1.85g)
Size:5.5mm (2.5g)
Size:6.0mm (3g)
Size:7.0mm (4.4g)

custom color as your required.


– Glow-in-the-dark
– Micro-barb
– Quantity: 1