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Supply Glow Paint Tungsten Tear drop Jigs

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Glow Paint Tungsten Teardrop Jigs,
Tungsten Floating Jig Heads
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Tear Drop Bead Wholesale Tungsten ice fishing Jigs

tungsten jigs are made from 97% pure tungsten and with premium Japanese Hooks. Tungsten Jig offers performance on the ice.tungsten jig features ultra-sharp hooks, while the tungsten construction makes this jig heavier than a lead jig so you can use a smaller profile jig. With a semi-balanced style,tungsten jig delivers incredible action when jigged. Be ready for the ice fishing season with Tungsten Jig.

* Sharp hook(Japanese Hook)
* Tungsten head
* Semi-balanced orientation for unique action

Size:2.5mm (0.25g)
Size:3.2mm (0.5g)

Size:4.0mm (1g)

Size:5.0mm (1.85g)

Size:5.5mm (2.5g)

Size:6.0mm (3g)

Size:7.0mm (4.4g)

custom color as your required.