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Supply Jig Off Tungsten Beads

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Jig Off Tungsten Beads


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custom color

OEM/ODM service

—————— Product Presentation ——————

Jig Off tungsten beads - Nickel. Extra heavy Jig Off beads. Using the revolutionary Jig Off beads you can tie jig nymphs without using a jig hook. A standard fly hook with straight shank will be enough.  

With Jig Off beads the weight is distributed one-sided, so the flies will always sink down with the heavy side of the bead down and the hook point facing upwards. The advantage is obvious, less loss of nymphs while fishing the bottom of the water, because the hook point is facing up the sky and not toward the bottom. 

Jig Off tungsten beads Features:

- small hole for added weight
- special groove, ie. beads can be used with barbed hooks as well
- long lasting colours, heavier per diameter compared to the classic slotted bead
- best to use with standard hooks 

More details,pls feel free to contact amy2014776532@hotmail.com.