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Supply Round Copper Bead,Brass Spacer Bead,fly fishing counter sunk beads

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Round Copper Bead,
Brass Spacer Bead,
fly fishing counter sunk beads

—————— Product Presentation ——————

Brass fly tying beads: A Fly Tying Staple.Our most popular product! The perfect way to finish nymphs, streamers and other wet fly patterns. The beads are the ideal way to get flies deeper into the water column and add a splash of color to any fly. All beads are counter drilled to easily fit around
the hook shank and are made of premium tarnish-resistant brass.
* Hole in the beads allows the beads easily and smoothly to slide around the hook bend. Top quality 100% satisfaction.
* Colors :Plain,plated colors,painted colors and metallic colors are available.
Bead/Hook Size Guide:
* 2.0mm Bead = 18-20 Hook Size
* 2.4mm Bead = 16-18 Hook Size
* 2.7mm Bead = 12-14 Hook Size
* 3.2mm Bead = 10-12 Hook Size
* 3.8mm Bead = 8-10 Hook Size
* 4.7mm Bead = 6-8 Hook Size
* 5.5mm Bead = 2-4 Hook Size
* 6.4mm Bead = 1-2 Hook Size