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Supply Tungsten Beads for Fly Tying 2.3~3.8mm Tying Jig Beads Nymph Head Ball for Fly Tying Material

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Fly Tying Jig Off Beads Tungsten Beads Jig Nymphs On Standard Hooks

—————— Product Presentation ——————

Fly Tying Jig Off Beads tungsten beads Jig Nymphs On Standard Hooks
*The shape is like a tear drop with an eccentric hole which helps the fly to act like a jig style fly
* Unique Jig style tying for nymph and gives a "up side down" nymph.
*Off tungsten beads are a great addition to any nymph that allows the hook point to ride up when fishing deep.
* Colors : Plain, plated colors, painted colors and metallic colors are available.
* Size info :For example 3/32''(2.3mm) for hook size 16#, 18# ; 7/64''(2.8mm) for hook size 12#, 14#; 1/
8''(3.3mm) for hook size 10#, 12#; 5/32’’(4.0mm) for hook size 8# ,10#