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Supply Colorful soft carp putty high quality fishing tungsten putty


1.Type:Tungsten putty

2.Material:97% pure tungsten




6.Delivery Time:7 days after receive your payment

7.Payment:T/T,L/C,Western Union

—————— Product Presentation ——————


1. HIGH QUALITY: tungsten putty is a non-hardening, moldable material made from tungsten mud.
2. PACKAGE WEIGHT: 15g/pc, non-toxic, long lasting, reusable, child-safe, environmentally friendly.
3. EASY TO USE: Simply pinch the required amount off and apply to your carp rig, just a small piece will do to make your hook link lay flat on the bottom of the lake bed.
4. SUITABLE: Ideal for drilling shy carp, main line and balance bait for perfect presentation.
5. CHOOSE OF COLORS: To accommodate everyone’s style, there are green, brown and black color for selection.
Material: Tungsten Mud
Color: Brown, Green, Black (optional)
Package Weight: approx. 28g or 56oz
Quantity: 1


Q1:Why FishPaby Putty?
A2:FishPaby  Putty allows you gain the advantages of tungsten but also allows you the flexibility because it is in putty form.
Making it malleable, formable and flexible to pinch off the exact size you need to gain the perfect weight and balance.
It is super easy to use and safe for all ages. It really is a must have for any people that wants to compete in their derby race.

Q2:What is Tungsten?
The word "tungsten" means "a substance of high density", and is derived from "tung",
meaning "heavy," and "sten", meaning "stone." Tungsten is the world's 4th heaviest metal.
It weighs up to 1.8x as much as lead and over 3x the weight of the Zinc/Pewter weights.
This is the perfect weight for Pinewood Derby Cars. Only gold, platinum,
and a few other rare and expensive metals can compare. Making tungsten the best for maximizing your weight without breaking the bank.
Tungsten also takes up less space in your car.
Less space, means more weight concentration in the center of gravity area, faster building time and more speed on the track.
Tungsten is completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly so has gained in popularity due to issue associated with lead.
For example, because lead has been banned in many streams, tungsten is often substituted for lead weight on fishing flies.