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tungsten split shot fishing weights

We are from China Zhuzhou specializing in the production of tungsten split shot fishing weights,Please remember our brand FISH PABY, professional supply of high quality tungsten split shot fishing weights.ours tungsten split shot fishing weights are 100% lead-free, eco-friendly, and denser than lead.
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Now let's talk about the speed ratio of the wheel in the lura fishing technique and the applicable fishing method.

There are many types of lura reel, different wheels have different speed ratios of fishing reels, so for a new laura, which type of reel is chosen, sometimes it is very tangled and very troublesome. Of course, there are also many fishing friends who only play a kind of fishing reel, but we hope that this reel can choose some of the enlightenment from these friends after the relevant lura skills are pushed.

First of all, let's first understand what is the "fisher speed ratio", and some differences between high and low speed ratio fishing vessels.

The line speed ratio of the reel indicates the number of revolutions of the reel that the cup rotates by hand. For example, the products on the market include: 7.1:1 speed ratio fishing reel, then it means that the fishing reel rotates one turn, and the wire cup rotates about 7 times. The higher the speed limit ratio of the reel, the faster his take-up speed, which also indicates that the bait moves faster in the water when using the high-speed ratio wheel set. Paired with our tungsten split shot fishing weights to increase stability, fishing feels great.

There are no special definitions for high and low speed fishing vessels. Generally speaking, when we learn Lu Ya skills, we will define the fishing vessel with a speed ratio of 5.4:1 as the low-speed ratio wheel and the fishing vessel with the 5.4:1 or above as the high speed. ratio". The speed ratio of fishing vessels on the market is generally divided into 5.4:1/6.4:1/7.1:1 and 8:1. Of course, some manufacturers have also introduced 9:1 "water droplets".

After talking about the concept of the speed ratio of the fishing boat in Luya skills, we will analyze the different fish conditions that the high and low speed ratios adapt to. The high-speed ratio fishing reel has the characteristics of quick recovery of the bait, high search efficiency and high returning speed.

This type of reel is more suitable for quick search of target fish in the large water surface. At the same time, when the target fish group moves faster, the use of this wheel set can complete the fish back faster and improve the fishing performance. In addition, when we are in the waters of the obstacles (weeds, branches), the use of high-speed fishing vessels is more suitable to quickly remove the fish from the obstacles after the middle fish, thus reducing the hooking obstacles, unhooking fish The situation has happened. Finally, when we are on the big water surface, when we are working on a specific small area, such as a search for a layer or a search in a certain obstacle area, using a high-speed fishing reel can save a lot of fishing time. After introducing the high-speed road-related skills of the fishing reel, let’s talk about the scenes for low-speed fishing wheels. The speed of such a reel is slower than that of the "high-speed ratio" wheel. In the actual combat of Luya, it is more suitable for the fisherman to operate, so that the lure shows a more "coquettish" stroke.

In terms of fishing method, the wheel with a lower speed is more suitable for the water layer in the designated water layer, and the bait exhibits a variety of swimming postures through different operation methods. Especially when searching with a composite sequin-like lura bait, the low-speed wheel can control the speed of the hard bait more effectively. In addition, the slower take-up speed of the low-speed ratio wheel set is more suitable for use in the more refined underwater slow search, and the action of the bait is more natural.

Generally, when using the Leiqiang fishing method in the lura technique in the wild, although the fishing vessels of both speed ratios can be used, it is possible that we will throw thousands of miles in a fishing field. In order to save energy more effectively, we still recommend that you use more low-speed ratio fishing vessels. In summary, the use of low-speed ratio wheel sets, although slower return to fish, is more suitable for some "fine" operations. According to these characteristics, we feel that we use water-based bait in small and medium-sized waters, such as: wave climbing, pencil fishing, using this wheel set with ours tungsten split shot fishing weights will get more.
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