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Tungsten Punch Weights For Lure Fishing

We are the manufacturer of tungsten punch weights, we are from Zhuzhou, China, specializing in the production of tungsten punch weights. If you are interested in our tungsten punch weights, or if you want to consult the product, please contact us at here >>> REQUEST QUOTE .
tungsten punch weights just say so much, Let's talk about How to Choose a Good Fishing Spot,A good fishing spot is a place where anglers often go and swing their rods.

What I emphasize is commonness not individuality. The commonness is the state of being that is commonly observed, it is a reference that angler would take into consideration when choose a fishing spot. The best fishing spot goes to… …
  1. somewhere full of waterweeds, by the waterweeds or in the waterweeds, in which natural bait materials are formed. The sprouts, leaves and phosphate that attach to waterweeds are fishes’ favorites. Grass, algae, reeds, duckweeds and other water plants, they are fish’s natural cover for defense.  When it gets cold, the fish school will swim to water plants and warm up themselves. When it gets hot, they stop by here to enjoy the cool. When it’s blowing outside, they flee to here for shelter. Big fish Grass is also an amusement park for fish where they seek food, inhabit and have fun. It must be an excellent place for fishing if somewhere is surrounded on three sides by grass and receives sunlight, fishes are active there.
  1. abruptly twisted shore. This is a place where fish will absolutely pass by when they migrate. Here lies a large amount of bait materials. Because sea is relatively calm, fish’s consciousness of concealment is strengthened, a sense of security raised in it. Therefore, it will be easy to find so many fish in the abrupt and twisted place.
  1. island, tree stump and bridge in the water. Coastal currents and circulation are easily formed here, besides, foods are sufficient, and the water flows slowly, which create a good circumstance for fish to inhabit.
  1. The intersection of the inlet or stream. In the water inlet and outlet, as well as the branching mouth of the natural waters, there is a flow of running water, and the water color is turbid than other places, forming a situation where the turbid water flows at the junction. Fish have the habit of seeking food and swimming in the running muddy water. Here, the water temperature is adjusted, the dissolved oxygen is sufficient, and the food is rich, so it is favored by all kinds of fish. Especially in the spring and summer season, when the clear water is injected into the turbid water, the estuary and confluence are even more favourabale fishing spot among anglers. For example, in the channel of running water, where the still water is injected into the flowing water, it is an ideal place for fish to gather together and forage for food.
  1. Downwind port. The demersal fish prefer to inhabit the downwind port. Because firstly, the wind blows the microbes and algae on the surface of the water to the downwind port, thus makes the food of the fish increases. Secondly, the wind and the waves make the water color on the side of the wind become cloudy, which invisibly increases the safety of the fish; Thirdly, the wind and the turbulence, the water surface turbulence, is in line with the fish's habit of swimming against the water; Fourthly, the wind and waves blows the water bank, which to some extent conceals the noise on the shore, the fish can safely and boldly approach the shore.However, fish does not all like the downwind port, but also like the windward place. On the wind, there is plenty of dissolved oxygen in the water. Some fish, such as grass carp and dory fish, like to swim upwind.
  1. Somewher near aerator and fish cage. There is sufficient dissolved oxygen in the aerator, and there is running water as well. There are more “residual leftovers” around the cage. The fish are of course willing to come here to play and forage for food.
  1. Both sides of culvert mouth, or somewhere next to the pier. These places have a relatively stable water flow and more food. The fish love to come here for food.
  1. The junction of deep water and shallow water. The boundary between deep water and shallow water is in excellent condition. If it is flowing water, the flow rate here is not fast or slow, and the big fish especially likes to stay in such a place, which is convenient for foraging in shallow waters and easy to escape to deep waters at any time.
FISHPABY points out that the suggestions above are just the general principle of choosing a fishing position. In actual fishing, the situation is often ever-changing. We anglers must be flexible according to the specific situation, not to accept and imitate blindly, to stick to books or old experience.Our tungsten punch weights can adapt to a variety of fishing spots, with many advantages.
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