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Tungsten jig head

*Tungsten Ball Jig is made of 97% pure Tungsten, providing the ultimate in feel and sensitivity for the angler.

* Ideal for when getting soft plastics down de

*Composed of 97% tungsten, it is far denser and more compact than lead, thus also much harder;
*Extremely sensitive, broadcasting every tick and bump your weight contact with - so

Cyslops tungsten ball beads for extra sink on nymph and streamer patterns,
slot aids in sliding the bead on to a wider range of hook types.

Made from pure tungsten which is much h

*97% pure tungsten heavier and more compact than lead.

*We committed to preserve water ,keeping our water clean and the fish biting.

*Tungsten Flipping Weight are available in

*Not only super compact but specially shaped to get in and out of the thick stuff,
they also feature a convenient skirt keeper;

* Made of 97% pure, eco-friendly, hard-fired tungst

*Tungsten as a material has a greater density than lead making the weights approximately fifty percent smaller.

*Coated with a chip-resistant Seal Coat finish and featuring insert

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