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Supply tungsten fishing weights & sinkers wholesale

We are tungsten fishing weights supplier from china,We specialize in the production and wholesale tungsten fishing weights.If you want to buy tungsten fishing weights products, Mail us at fishpaby@gmail.com.

Tungsten fishing weights have different advantages than other materials. High Density: Tungsten alloys have a density of up to 18.5 g/cm3 and are much smaller in volume than other materials at the same mass. Corrosion resistance: The chemical properties of tungsten alloys are stable and do not react with any substances at room temperature. Fishing sinkers are used in contact with water for a long time. If iron materials are easily oxidized, if they are lead materials, toxicity will pollute water resources. High hardness: The hardness of tungsten alloy is second only to that of diamond. The fishing sinker will inevitably collide with hard objects during use. The high hardness material can make the fishing sinker difficult to break and deform. Tungsten fishing weights in accordance with different shapes can be divided into: worm-like fishing sinker, sinker barrels fishing, fishing sinker needle, bullet pendant fishing, fishing pendant teardrop like.

In recent years, tungsten alloys have been increasingly used to make tungsten fishing weights because of their high density, small size, and environmental protection, which have gradually replaced lead weights. Tungsten fishging weights can be used in the Aral Sea and freshwater areas, so this product is popular with the public. We can provide tungsten fishing weights, such as various shapes such as bullets, drop-shaped, tubular, and needles. In addition, we can produce or help you design according to your drawings.

Tungsten beads are one of the tungsten fishing weights. They are mainly used for fly fishing. Our tungsten beads are divided into two types, one slotted tungsten beads and the other Tungsten Cyclops Beads.

Lure fishing is also called bionic bait fishing or artificial bait fishing. It is a method of imitating weak creatures and triggering big fish attacks.Most of the marine fishes can be excellent lure fish, GT is the most popular fish.In freshwater, common fishes are Bass,Snakehead, Catfish,Carp and so on.Lure’s two categories are hard bait and soft bait.

Ice fishing is Fishing on rivers and lakes with an ice thickness of about 10 cm.Most of fishes can be excellent fly fishing.For example,Carp,Crucian,Sturgeon etc.The best time for Ice fishing is in the Early winter and February.During the day,10 O'Clock to16O'Clock is the best time.

FISH PABY have a large number of professional technicians and 22 years experience in tungsten fishing sinker. tungsten fishing sinker can be customized according to your requirements or provided OEM.

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