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About tungsten fishing tackle articles and fishing skills.How to select fishing spots, how to choose fishing rod, how to select fish line.

Tungsten Flipping Weight Review
After countless pitches and flips, we’ve come away quite impressed by these tungsten bass fishing weights.

Tungsten bass fishing weights have become quite popular in recent years. As opposed to traditional lead weights, tungsten weights are much denser which results in more sensitivity and a compact profile. They allow you to feel slight changes in bottom composition with ease and their small size lets you penetrate heavy cover with much less hassle.


Fishing weight is also called fishing jigs and can be used in both freshwater and salty water. The only difference is the weight used. It is important to be sure that tungsten counterweights will sink fast enough into the water.

Generally, try to adopt the lightest jig weight if possible, because the lightest fishing jig permits you to feel the bottom and any cover it contacts. In clear water, lighter weights ranging from1/8 ounce to 1/4 ounce should be combined with a light line for more eff

We supply 1480 sizes of weights appropriate to your fishing needs,whether lure,Fly,Ice,Sea fishing.Our weights are 97% tungsten by weight with a density 18 higher than lead and brass.No matter what size or color you desire,we can customize our products to meet your needs.

Tungsten weights are environmentally safe,tungsten being far friendly to the outdoors than traditional lead weights,and far more durable.

High quality insert free tungsten flipping weights.

Why Tungsten?

Tungsten is about 1.7 times as dense as lead which means that a tungsten sinker is considerably smaller than a lead sinker for the same weight sinker.

With the smaller profile comes a smaller chance of a fish spitting the lure on a bite.

The higher density of the tungsten also increases sensitivity so the angler can better feel the bottom structure.

Lead is soft and tends to deform when fishing hard structure

Compared with the traditional lead fall, tungsten alloy has the following characteristics:

Our advantages:

Long-type high proportion, less resistance, not easy to stuck in the stone seam or obstacles.

High quality, professional and tournament grade tungsten weights now available in flipping and worm styles in many of the most popular colors and sizes.
Flipping weights and worm weights are designed to make fishing in heavy cover, flipping docks and punching weed mats much easier and in

Why Fishpaby Tungsten?

Fishpaby Tungsten weights are made from 97% pure tournament grade tungsten. This eco friendly lead alternative is not just better for the environment, but will help you catch more fish! Tungsten is around 35% smaller than the equivalent lead weight allowing it to be much more subtle and unobtrusive regardless of which presentation you decide to throw. Size is not the only benefit, Tungsten is far more dense than lead. This increase in density allows for much greater sen

Experienced fishing enthusiasts should be asked by the novice to ask the following questions: Which kind of bait should be used when the water is deeper? Or whi

Fishing method in Summer
So many people find it difficult to fish in the summer, and they rarely catch fish. But summer is the season when fish have the most a

To know the fly fishing tackle before your start fly fishing.
When novices start to learn the fly fishing, there will always be doubts. so we must first under

Many people should know that summer is a good season for fishing. Compared to winter and spring, summer temperatures are higher and fish are more active. There

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