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New Point of Fishing Skills

About tungsten fishing tackle articles and fishing skills.How to select fishing spots, how to choose fishing rod, how to select fish line.

Experienced fishing enthusiasts should be asked by the novice to ask the following questions: Which kind of bait should be used when the water is deeper? Or whi

Fishing method in Summer
So many people find it difficult to fish in the summer, and they rarely catch fish. But summer is the season when fish have the most a

To know the fly fishing tackle before your start fly fishing.
When novices start to learn the fly fishing, there will always be doubts. so we must first under

Many people should know that summer is a good season for fishing. Compared to winter and spring, summer temperatures are higher and fish are more active. There

People who play Lure fishing should use many different kinds of soft baits. We have also discussed the types of soft baits long time ago. There are mainly worm

1.EconomicLure fishing has always been called "water golf". Intuitively, it is a sport that the "noble" can afford. But with the continuous development of the

How to use the jig head in the face of rapid flow of water?What is the jig head? Simply, it is a kind of bait used by the jig head with a soft bait. According

What is the jig head? Simply, it is a kind of bait used by the jig head with a soft bait. According to the different types of fish in Lure fishing, the jig head

The bait is a very important part of lure fishing, and it can even determine the size and how much fish you catch. We all know that Lure bait is mainly divided

Regardless of sea water and fresh water, worms are an indispensable part of Lure.Like other soft baits, their target fishes are concentrated in the lower and mi

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