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fly tying beads on sales.

red slotted beads available in a range of sizes for all types of fishing conditions, the Tungsten fly fishing tying beads are also 100% environmentally friendly - helping protect o

Slotted tungsten beads is perfect for my midge patterns. The slots make it so they slide on most all hooks you woukd use for each size. Also the tungtesn is a must for gettin bugs

*Easy to work with and make the flies look alive
*Countersunk to facilitate sliding around the bend of the hook
*Hole in the beads allows the beads easily and smoothly to slide aro

Tungsten Cyclops Beads will get flies like beadhead trout nymphs a little deeper.
Smooth hloe and delicate finished will not fray your lines and make flies more live.
Full kinds o

Our selection of slotted beads come from one of the best sources we have found.
These beads are made with 97% tungsten content.
The smaller hole and narrower slot helps with placin

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