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Material: 97% pure tungsten
Hook: Mustad hook
Eyes: 3D lure eyes
Application: SEA FISHING, outdoor fishing activities.
Target fish: Zander,

Metal jig Snapper lure Skirt Assit Hook
1.The fishing lures are created life-like swimming actions in water.
2.Bright colors,easy to find fish in the water.
3.Excellent quality&Goo

Tungsten fishing jigs

Brilliant for a very broad range of fish species and a very broad range of fish sizes: trout, tunas, blue fin, yellow fin, kingfish, cobia, amberjacks, jacks

Fishing weight is also called fishing jigs and can be used in both freshwater and salty water. The only difference is the weight used. It is important to be sure that tungsten coun

* Created for bottom jigging with soft plastic lures. The central insert comes out of the weight allowing the angler to attach the
hook required for the soft plastic they are using

HIGHEST INDUSTRY STANSADARDS: 100% new tungsten power, best smooth and reliable finish, all gold color is real 24K gold coating. PERFECT DESIGN: Tapered hole in the beads allows th

Tungsten Fastach Sinker 

A pear shaped weight with a fast attach hook included so weights can be quickly added and changed.
Eco-friendly, lead free range of jig heads that are ma

We supply 1480 sizes of weights appropriate to your fishing needs,whether lure,Fly,Ice,Sea fishing.Our weights are 97% tungsten by weight with a density 18 higher than lead and bra

smooth surface insert freenon chip tungsten fishing flipping weight
*Perfect for texas rig and carolina rig, soft plastics like creatures, worms, noodles, craws, lizards, and more.

wholesale prices tungsten fishing weights tungsten worm weight bullet sinker
The tungsten worm weight bullet sinker is the best choice for carolina rig or texas rig.
With smooth ho

Tungsten drop shot ice jigging

* Drop-water Shape Ice Fishing Jigs and Lead Material.
ice fishing lure with one plastic bag.
* Fishing Lures Jig Heads Hook Super Sharp and Du

Compared with the traditional lead fall, tungsten alloy has the following characteristics:

Our advantages:

Long-type high proportion, less resistance, not easy to stuck in the st

Bulk multiple sizes fishing sinker tungsten tear drop shot weights
1.Tear Drop Style Low Profile Design, easily drag over brush and structure without getting hung or snagged. 2.Swi

Why Fishpaby Tungsten?

Fishpaby Tungsten weights are made from 97% pure tournament grade tungsten. This eco friendly lead alternative is not just better for the environment, but w

Tungsten as a material has a greater density than lead making the weights approximately fifty percent smaller.

Tungsten flipping weights are great for fishing heavy cover since y

Bass fishing 97% pure tungsten fishing weight tungsten Fastach Sinker *The sinker that can be quickly attached to the tip loop of a lure or rig.
*Tungsten Fastach Sinker,is a pear

Tungsten as a material has a greater density than lead making the weights approximately fifty percent smaller.

Tungsten flipping weights are great for fishing heavy cover since y

1. Fishing is a comprehensive sport

In order to fish, I often have to climb the mountains and go all day. Outdoor driving and hiking are often interspersed w

Mark pressed feed-forward control and drove forward. I used Tenebrio molitor instead. Out of sudden, the rod tip stopped downward for one second. I pulled up my

FISH PABY is the manufacturer of tungsten fishing weights bulk. We are from Zhuzhou, China. If you are interested in our tungsten fishing weights, please leave

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