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tungsten fishing weights on sales.

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Tungsten Pagoda Nail Sinkers are perfect for adding to and altering any soft plastic bait presentation. Si

We supply 1480 sizes of weights appropriate to your fishing needs,whether lure,Fly,Ice,Sea fishing.Our weights are 97% tungsten by weight with a density 18 higher than lead and bra

smooth surface insert freenon chip tungsten fishing flipping weight
*Perfect for texas rig and carolina rig, soft plastics like creatures, worms, noodles, craws, lizards, and more.

wholesale prices tungsten fishing weights tungsten worm weight bullet sinker
The tungsten worm weight bullet sinker is the best choice for carolina rig or texas rig.
With smooth ho

FISH PABY is the manufacturer of tungsten fishing weights bulk. We are from Zhuzhou, China. If you are interested in our tungsten fishing weights, please leave

Let us review the use of the thunder frog we mentioned in the last article first. The use of the frog is the occasion where snakehead appears. Because snakehea

We supply Tungsten Fishing Weights In Bulk, our Tungsten Fishing Weights In Bulk has been well received by manufacturers from all over the world and exported to

If you need to customize or purchase Tungsten Fishing Weights, please remember our brand FISH PABY,the best choice of purchase Tungsten Fishing Weights.We are the manufacturer of 

let FISH PABY get to know the Soft Baits.In the Lure, the importance of the bait is obvious. It is often said that "the choice of the  right bait can catch the fish". The soft b

*The extremely dense tungsten material makes the Tungsten Tear Drop Shot Round Eye extremely sensitive, be able to perceive every motion the weight contact with;


Composed of 97% tungsten, it is far denser and more compact than lead,thus also much harder;

Extremely sensitive, broadcasting every tick and bump your weight contact with- so eve

*Featuring a 97% tungsten, the Fish Paby Tungsten Skinny Drop Shot Weights are significantly harder and more compact than their lead counterparts- for increased sensitivity and a m

Slotted beads are great for jig hooks but I also use them for straight shanked hooks as well.
By inserting lead wire into the slot you can offset the bead to increase hook gap

*Tungsten Flipping Weights are a bullet style weight that is intended to be used for the flipping and punching techniques in order to penetrate the heavy vegetation where bass are

*Increased heaviness and hardness of its tungsten composition make it more compact than lead;
*Perfectly match your favorite skirt and soft plastic bait;

*Available in several co

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