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Supply Tungsten worm Weights in Blood Red high quality

Tags:Tungsten Bullet Weights,Bullet Weights,Tungsten Worm Weights bulk

Type: worm weight,Tungsten Bullet Weights,Bullet Weights,Tungsten Worm Weights bulk

Material:97% pure tungsten

Color:Natural,Matt black,Green pumpkin,Blood red,Rainbow



Delivery Time:7-20 days after receive your payment

Payment:T/T,L/C,Western Union

—————— Product Presentation ——————


*Designed to penetrate structure such as matted grass, and also make flipping docks and
working through wood and vegetation much easier than is possible with traditional lead weights
or those of lesser tungsten content.

*Tungsten Worm Weight are available in both natural, black and green pumpkin colors and so on.

*The added sensitivity due to the increased density and hardness of tungsten also helps the angler detect more subtle bites.

*We committed to preserve water ,keeping our water clean and the fish biting.

Oz Weight(g) Oz Weights(g)
1/16 1.8 3/8 10.5
1/8 3.5 1/2 14
3/16 5.3 5/8 17.5
1/4 7 3/4 21
5/16 8.8 1 28

——————  FAQ  ——————

Q1: What are Advantages of tungsten alloy?
 Tungsten alloys are alloys based on tungsten and added to other elements. Among metals, tungsten has the highest melting point, high temperature strength and creep resistance, and good thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and electron emission performance. It is widely used. In addition to a large amount of cemented carbide and alloy additives, tungsten and its alloys are widely used. In the electronics and electric light source industries, it is also used in aerospace, casting, weapons and other sectors for die-casting molds, armor-piercing cores, contacts, heating elements and heat shields.

Q2: Can you introduce to me tungsten weight manufacturing process?
Typical tungsten weights are formed by using a process called sintering.
The process involves placing powdered tungsten into a mold,
applying pressure and then heating the powder to a very high temperature.
The hole in weights is formed by placing a sacrificial tube inside the mold.
The tube is destroyed when the powder is heated, and small burrs are left in the hole.
These small burrs must be treated in some manner in order to prevent line abrasion and breaks.
The three most common treatment methods are threading a plastic tube into the weight,
painting the inside of the hole, and machining/polishing the top and bottom edges and inside the hole.
To ensure our customers never have line abrasion due to the burrs,
we employ the plastic tube (inserted weights) and the machining and polishing methods (insert free weights).

Q3: What makes your tungsten weight so unique?
A3: We have 1480 regular sizes for your choice, regardless of fly fishing,
lure fishing or ice fishing. Apart from that, we never stop launching new products,
we have professional R & D , production, sales and service team to keep bring out new products termly.

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