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Supply Tungsten Mud Putty Soft Sinker Carp Fishing Lures


1.Type:Tungsten putty

2.Material:97% pure tungsten

3.Color:As your request



6.Delivery Time:7 days after receive your payment

7.Payment:T/T,L/C,Western Union

—————— Product Presentation ——————




 Advantage of tungsten putty

Q1:What is tungsten putty?
tungsten putty is a kind of polymer material which is made of tungsten powder and high molecular polymer.
It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and has strong plasticity.
The normal density of tungsten mud can be controlled at 8.0g/cm3~10.0.
Between g/cm3, tungsten resin usually has a density of about 10g/cm3,
and can be slightly adjusted according to customer requirements
to meet different requirements of customers.
Because tungsten mud has a certain density and is soft and malleable,
compared with Tungsten Heavy Alloy,
it is the material of choice for weights in a limited space.
For tungsten resin, due to its strong plasticity,
it can be made into different shapes according to the customer's actual needs,
such as: rod shape, block shape, etc. At the same time,
we can also design according to customer's drawings and requirements for customers.
Design and manufacture molds to provide customers with customized products.

Q2:What should I pay attention to when using tungsten putty?
tungsten putty is generally used as the weight of the fishing sinker,
which can accelerate the sinking speed of the fishing sinker in the water,
and the material is non-toxic and non-polluting, and has been widely used in the world.
Although tungsten mud and tungsten resin materials are non-toxic and environmentally friendly,
children are likely to be exposed because of the final products made of their materials.
Therefore, children should be reminded not to eat by mistake.
Wash hands after using toys. And it is best to use it by parental supervision to avoid accidents.
At the same time, parents are advised to place tungsten mud
or tungsten resin as far as possible from the food to avoid accidental ingestion.
When using tungsten mud or tungsten resin, if you need to use a knife or scissors to cut it,
children must be accompanied by parents to avoid accidents.

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