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Supply Tungsten Flipping Weight Rainbow color available

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Type: flipping weight,cheap tungsten bullet weights,bullet weights

Material:97% pure tungsten

Color:Natural,Matt black,Green pumpkin,Blood red,Rainbow



Delivery Time:7-20 days after receive your payment

Payment:T/T,L/C,Western Union

—————— Product Presentation ——————



*Tungsten as a material has a greater density than lead making the weights approximately fifty percent smaller.

*Coated with a chip-resistant Seal Coat finish and featuring insert-free technology for increased sensitivity and no frayed lines

*small profile allows them to slip in an out of various structure without snagging

*Detect more strikes and catch more fish while greatly reducing hang ups

Oz Weights(g) Oz Weights(g)
1/16 1.8 1/2 14
3/32 2.7 5/8 17.5
1/8 3.5 3/4 21
3/16 5.3 1 28
1/4 7 1-1/4 35
5/16 8.8 1-1/2 42
3/8 10.5 1-3/4 49
7/16 12.5 2 56

——————  FAQ  ——————

Q1: Can you manufacture carbide Special-shaped products?
A1: Yes, we can. We can produce both standard end mills and special tools. 
We can make them according to your drawings and samples.

Q2: May I have my order working schedule ?
 Yes, we will send working schedule of your order each week.
We will inspect and test all merchandise in case of damaging and missing parts before shipment. 
The detailed inspection pictures of the order will be sent to you for your confirmation before delivery.

Q3: What is the Warranty for the tungsten carbide products ?
We own high precision grading machine to control geometry dimensions and
apply ultra fine grain size substrate coated with high performance coatings to guarantee the lifetime of our products,
which can satisfy every working condition.If any quality problems on our side occurred in this period , 
we will take on the shipping cost and replacement.

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