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Supply Tungsten Worm Weight customize colors and sizes

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Type: worm weight

Material:97% pure tungsten

Color:Natural,Matt black,Green pumpkin,Blood red,Rainbow



Delivery Time:7-20 days after receive your payment

Payment:T/T,L/C,Western Union

—————— Product Presentation ——————




 *Tungsten Worm Weights are a bullet style weight that is intended to be used for the flipping
and punching techniques in order to penetrate the heavy vegetation where bass are often found.

*Tungsten Worm Weight is Great for Texas Rig

*Tungsten material makes tungsten alloy flipping weight denser and harder.

* People can use it more sensitive while flipping fishing.
Oz Weights(g) Oz Weights(g)
1/16 1.8 3/8 10.5
1/8 3.5 1/2 14
3/16 5.3 5/8 17.5
1/4 7 3/4 21
5/16 8.8 1 28

——————  FAQ  ——————

Q1: What weight can you recommend for lure fishing?
If I recommend Tungsten Flipping Weight and Worm Weight for Texas Rig and Carolina Rig,
TTungsten Tear Drop Shot Weight, Tear Drop Shot Round Eye,Skinny Drop Shot Weight,
and Skinny Drop Shot Round Eye for down shot. Tungsten Pagoda Nail Weight for Neko Rig.

Q2: Why we use tungsten alloy fishing sinkers?
Tungsten has gained a lot of popularity recently. Compared with the same weight of lead.
Tungsten uses 50% less material than lead for the same amount of weight.
This means a 1-ounce tungsten sinker has a smaller volume, letting it penetrate weeds easier.
Also, tungsten is more dense than lead, which makes your fishing more sensitive.
It transmits vibrations differently depending on in which if you’re fishing, mud, rock or wood.

Q3: Will the color of the hole fade away? What if there is quality problem, whom shoud I turn to?
Honestly, I can not promise that, but safely to say, the color will be more long-lasting compared with others.
It allows for more times of threading with little abrasion.