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Supply Tungsten ant ice jig chain with eye and bead


1.Type:Tungsten ice jig

2.Material:97% pure tungsten

3.Color:As your request



6.Delivery Time:7 days after receive your payment

7.Payment:T/T,L/C,Western Union

—————— Product Presentation ——————

*We can provide full sizes of tungsten ice jig including 4.0mm,5.0mm,5.5mm,6.0mm,7.0mm.
Whatever tungsten tear drop ice jig,tungsten pellet ice jig,tungsten ant ice jig and tungsten faceted ice jig,we all can produce above size.
**Tungsten ice jig head can be painted many colors.The colos are as follows:
Blue,clown,yellow,orange yell,red spot,glow,yellow perch,black yellow,black white and green face,blue face,
blue back,pink back,purple pink and so on.We can customize our products to meet your needs.
*Best quality: We are specialize in producing tunsgten fishing weight for many year.
Our tungsten ice jig is made of 97% pure tungsten,with high density and best quality.
Item Weight(g) Size(mm)
Tungsten diamond ball ice jig
1.85 5.0
2.50 5.5
3.00 6.0
4.40 7.0
Q1:Why Tungsten?
Tungsten is about 1.7 times as dense as lead which means that a tungsten sinker
is considerably smaller than a lead sinker for the same weight sinker.  
With the smaller profile comes a smaller chance of a fish spitting the lure on a bite.
The higher density of the tungsten also increases sensitivity so the angler can better feel the bottom structure.
Lead is soft and tends to deform when fishing hard structure which causes lead weights to
more easily get caught in rocks where a tungsten weight will not get hung up as often.
The softness of lead also mutes most sounds the weight makes when it hits hard structure.
 Tungsten will amplify that sound attracting fish.
Lead is a toxic material and an environmental concern.  
Tungsten is an eco friendly alternative

Q2:What advantages and disadvantages of Steel, Tungsten and Lead ?
Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of the three metals:
  Advantages Disadvantages
  • Soft-easy to bend and cut.
  • Low cost
  • Medium density
  • Take it away from children
  • Toxic
  • Only available in one form-1/4" cylinders
  • Low cost
  • Can be cut
  • Low density
  • Can rust
  • High density
  • Small volume more weight
  • High cost
  • difficult to shape

Q3: What is your minimum order requirement?
 We will indicate the MOQ for each item in the quotation sheet. 
We accept the sample and trial order.
If the quantity of single item can't reach the MOQ, the price should be sample price.