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Hard bait fishing lures,How to choose?

Lure fishing includes hard bait and soft bait.Today,we are going to talk about hard bait.

The types of Hard Bait as following:

1.Minnow:In Lure, Minnow is a commonly used to catch Bass,Tilapia ,Perch,and so on.In the water, Minnow is like a small fish that is out of the water or lost in the water. By operation, it can be expressed as a small fish that is frightened or fleeing. This is the temptation of predatory fish species that cannot be resisted.
Image of Minnow:


2.Crank :Crank has balls in the body that can make a sound sneak into the water to lure the fish hidden deep.Crank is often use to catch Catfish,Bass,Snakehead ,etc.
When you choose Crank, it is recommended that novice fishermen should not choose cheap bait but choose the products that are well-known brands. Because brand products have stable swimming style and it is easier to catch fishing. It is helpful to master the bait and improve fishing skills.
Image of Crank:
3.Pencil:Pencils are used to imitate the movement of small fish or snakes on the water. It is usually driven by the fish fans to show the action of swinging (nicknamed DOGWALKING)
The pencil with slender, small body and no water pressure plate is use for water surface. When dragging, it will swing around the water surface or nod to catch Squid or Bass. It will be good to use near the obstacle.
Image of Pencil:
VIB,which has a very fast sinking speed,attract fish by dragging and beads make sound in the body. It is a good choice for middle or bottom water.Due to it can make a big sound when it is quickly towed, it is suitable for a wide range of waters. The only drawback is too heavy, and is very difficult to recycle. But it can make a super long shot, reach other punctuation points to catch Bass,Perch,Trout and so on .
Image of VIB:
5.Popper:The Popper will make a "pop" sound, When dragging, the "big mouth" hits water , causing the sound to spur the predatory fish . With a light foot weight but highlight short of stature, the head is generally concave or inclined like a large mouth and no tongue. When it is standing still in water, it floats upside down.Popper mainly for pelagic fish, such as common Cockroaches, Carp, Trapon etc. Since the Popper tempt fish by spray and sound, it is better to fishing while dead calm. At this time,fish is easier to to find the Popper on the water surface.For example, early morning or evening, there is no big wind and wave on the water surface . In addition, predatory fish are mostly preying on small fish in the water surface,this is the best time to use Popper.By the way, it is also suitable to use Popper when the water is turbid.
Image of Popper:

Spoon was invented because the spoon fell into lake and was bitten by the fish. It is one of the oldest baits.The color, metal reflection, and shape of the stroke will influence fish. (be used in fishing for squid, but others, such as Tilapia will also bite).The main target species are Squid,Bass and so on.
The special design of the Spoon will rotate rapidly when you take the line. The rotation of the Spoon depends on the light radiation in the water and the sound generated when rotating to attract the attention of the fish.
Image of Spoon:

Follow us,next time with the introduction of Soft Baits. FISH PABY will introduce you to each fishing knowledge.
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