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The best partner of Soft Baits —— Tungsten Fishing Weights

Hey guys,do you remember the Hard Baits we talked about last week?Do you mean that Hard Baits includes Minnow, Crank, Popper, VIB, Pencil,Spoon and Jig?Yeah my friends,I have to say you are right!

So today,let FISH PABY get to know the Soft Baits.In the Lure, the importance of the bait is obvious. It is often said that "the choice of the  right bait can catch the fish". The soft bait is mostly made of colloidal material. It has a soft and natural effect that cannot be compared with the hard bait. In BASS fishing, the soft bait is extremely high usage. There are many types of baits, and the usage is also changing. When choosing and using, it is inevitable that people don't know where to choose. Next, we will introduce you to several commonly used soft baits and Fishing tackle combination.
The difference between Soft Baits and Hard Baits as following:
      1.Weight:The Hard Baits are heavier than Soft Baits,so the Soft Baits need a counterweight(That means Tungsten Fishing Weight).
      2.Fishing tackle combination:Soft Baits are commonly used to Texas Rig,Carolina Rig,Split Shot,No Sinker,Down Shot,Jig Head,Wacky Style,Rubber Jig Trailer,Spinner Bait Trailer,Alabama Rig,Florida Rig,Swim bait and Neko.For Hard Baits are common in Jigging in the saltwater,Crank Baits,Jerk Baits,Top water Baits,Spinner Baits and Jigs.
      3.Material:Soft Baits are generally made for materials such as plastics, rubber, and silicone to let them look like aquatic.Fishing with soft baits mainly relies on angler to operate the fishing rods,making them look like the natural creatures and induce the fish to attack the bait.But Hard baits are usually made of metal such as Tungsten,lead,or stainless,imitating fish to attract predatory fish biting. 

The advantages of Soft Baits:
The advantage of the soft bait is obvious. Firstly, the fish tackle combination is simple,clear and convenient.
Secondly, it is cost-effectiveness and suitable for novices to practice and master fishing skills. The price of Soft Baits is much lower than the Hard Baits.You won’t feel pain even if it is broken or lost in water.
Moreover, there is no influence on baiting big fish, and the effect will not be worse than the Hard Baits.
      4.Hook:Hard Baits with a hook when they are bought.But Soft Baits,you need to choose a single hook for it when fishing. 

The mainly types of Soft Baits:
Shrimp are used very frequently in fishing, which is a type with high attendance rate. In addition to being widely used in BASS fishing, it also has excellent performance in black fish fishing. The weight of such soft baits is generally weighty, so their own weight is more suitable for throwing,  it can be used in No sinker.
Image of Shrimp
2.Fish Type
Fish-type soft baits are also common in soft baits, and their fishing tackle  combination change a lot. The applicable environment and the target fish range are wide, so they are popular with fishing fans.
Image of Fish Type:
The Grub is divided into straight Tail , Tail and Twintail. The Tail can be regarded as classic, and the operation is simple and effective.
Image of Grub:
Tail suits for:JIG HEAD,TEXAS RIG,Down Shot.
Straight Tail suits for:JIG HEAD,TEXAS RIG,NO SINKER,Down Shot,RUBBERJIG.
Twintail suits for:JIG HEAD,RUBBERJIG.
LIZARD imitate the shape of the Newt, the head and tail are complete and the shape is slightly larger.
Image of LIZARD
There have a pair of big claws on the crawfish.
Image of CRAW FISH
The Worm imitates the small worms in the bottom of water. Because of their is light,When you fishing you need to choose appropriate counterweight for them.If the water flow is fast,counterweight can be  increased appropriately.It is usually very effective to attract fish that are not very active.
Image of Worm:
It suits for:Wacky Style, JIG HEAD,SPLIT SHOT, TEXAS RIG, NO SINKER, Down Shot.
Common binding style of Soft Baits:
This binding can be used in all water level,attracting Mandarin fish,Bass,Catfish,Black fish and so on.
FISH PABY -- The best partner of Soft Baits
FISH PABY is a manufacturer of Tungsten Fishing Weights located in Zhuzhou, Hunan, Province.
We supply 1480 sizes of weights appropriate to your fishing needs, whether Lure, Fly, ice fishing. Our weights are 97% tungsten by weight with a density--18g/cm3 --higher than lead. No matter what size or color you desire, we can customize our products to meet your needs.
Moreover, FISH PABY weights are environmentally safe, tungsten being far friendly to the outdoors than traditional lead weights, and far more durable.
In partnership with our customers, we are committed to preserving water, keeping our water clean and the fish biting .
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