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The Giants Once On Hook

The biggest fish in the river gets that way by never being caught. ——Big Fish
There is no doubt that every fisherman carries a big dream -to catch a big fish! So do I! But do you really know them? Today, I will share with you the fish that are currently recognized as giants through pictures. Probably you will meet them when you are fishing in the sea or the lakes and rivers!

On the picture, the fish is born in a larger size than other fish , and it gets more prominent in adulthood. According to statistics, the average body length of is about 2.5 meters. The most heavy weight that has been on record is 293 kilograms, and the body length is about 3 meters. People call it the Mekong giant catfish .

I have seen this big fish in the image above a long time ago. According to legend, it will swallow the human body and it has quick temper. Due to the huge body, it is named the European giant catfish, or the wels catfish. The maximum weight is 306 kg. However, even if there are a lot of big fishes in the autumn, I don't want to catch it.

When speak of big fish, I have to mention sturgeon, people who have been to the pond may have seen it powerful! In addition, the squid living in the North American region and along the Mississippi River is more stout. According to statistics, they are more than 2 meters long and weigh 200 kilograms. You can see this fishing picture!

Most of the basses that we usually see are relatively small. They live widely in the intersection of river , sea or saltwater-freshwater interface. Many lure fishing enthusiasts often hunt in these places. The bass living in the Nile can be called giants. They are 2 meters in length and weigh 200 kilograms.

The crocodile gar has been on earth for at least 100 million years, and people were shocked at the moment it was discovered, According to statistics, they have an average body length of 2 meters and a minimum weight of 181 pounds. The above fishing picture reflects what this species looks.

I would like to introduce you to the Arapaima gigas on the map. Don't look down upon their long body, they can hide in the river basin. According to relevant data, their average body length is 2.5 meters, the longest is 3 meters, and the weight is up to 400 pounds.

Many giants weigh far more than fishes of the same species, and some fish even have to be measured by tons. This is not an exaggeration! The red stingray on the picture weighs 600 kg!

The carp that we usually see is no more than dozens of jin, but there is a larger carp in the Mekong River. The 300-kilogram carp is one of them, which is totally different from the that in lake.

The cod in the Pacific Ocean is also a kind of giant, and what is more amazing is that they can produce three or four million eggs at a time. The data shows that they are about 200 cm in length and weigh 113.5 kg.

Most of the giants listed above live in rivers or lakes. Now that I have shown you many kinds of giants, I believe that even if you catch one in the sea, you won’t be surprised! It reminds me of the lines in the film Big Fish, which says,” The more difficult something is, the more rewarding it is in the end.” Go ahead, young man! Someday you will meet your big fish!
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