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Down Shot,Texas Rig and VIB,which should I use in deep water?

Somebody asked me: Is it better to use which bait in deep water?Down shot?Texas Rig?Or VIB?
The more difficult it is to make a relatively accurate judgment when the preconditions are less. In fact, this kind of question needs to be considered in a wide range. How deep the water is it? What about the target fish? What is the condition of baits? Is the water turbid or clear? Are there obstacles and water plants? Is there a shoal? It is very difficult to judge by giving a relative standard.
Lure in the strange waters for the first time is generally going through a process of trial, try and make different attempts in time. These attempts of course also include attempts to use different types of lures.

By using different types of lures to investigate the reaction of the fish in the fishing field, you will find that they are interested in different types of baits ----the bait situation and aggregation in different areas and different time will be differs. Time and space are two factors to determine the position of the fish and the situation of biting. These two elements are guidelines for our choice of fishing spots.

After dividing the time and space , let's take a look at our tools, lures and fishing tackle combination. Each person understanding and manipulation of the bait is different. Some people control it fast, and some people are slow. Some people like to fish in the obstacle area, some people like fishing in the water grass area, somebody like to fish in the shoal. The classification can also be divided into quite a lot of combinations, and these choices are the ability of a fisherman. The more capable the fisherman, the more options. The quicker and more accurate the choice according to the environment and time.

When faced with strange fishing spots, we will feel confused and not confident about whether there is a target fish in the water. How do we test and judge this time?
First of all, I will use a bait such as VIB, Minor, and sequins to make a larger search.
Fan-shaped search is a common method. If you are familiar with the fish the search area can be made smaller.

In the search, it is important to pay attention to the position of the rod and the speed of the line to control the position of the bait in the water. It is very important to control the bait in the water layer where the fish is densely active. We have to cover the water layer that may have fish, and we must not negate this water area because there is no fish .

When fishing,put the angle of the sun, the direction of the water flow, the weather conditions into consideration. In most instances, the better of sun, the deeper the fish is, and the shallower the position of the fish in the bad weather. Assume that the visibility of the water is 1 meter. In principle, the fish will often stay at the position twice as seen in the gaze. That is two meters. According to this method, I also catch a lot of fish.

At the end of a wide range of explorations, we may encounter a bite.We can judge whether there is a target fish in the water. If you do not encounter an attack, what you need to do is to test. The obstacle area, water plants, branches, stones and floating objects will be the focus at this stage. Most offensive fish hide in hidden object to attack past creatures, and most of the fish in the obstacle area are most active.

Such a zone is more suitable for a soft bait that can hide the hook. The soft bait can stay longer in the obstacle, and the design of the hanging also allows the bait to travel through the branches and grasses. The hard bait that is completely exposed by the hook obviously cannot effectively attack in such a situation.
After determining the existence of the target fish, more questions need to be considered. Where is the fish like this time? Which bait will the fish interested in? Different seasons and time fish gathering areas will be different.For different situations, there are many different baits such as Texas Rig(including Tungsten Flipping Weight,Tungsten Worm Weight,Tungsten Barrel Weight and so on),Down shot(Means Tungsten Tear Drop Shot Weight,Tungsten Tear Drop Shot Round Eye,Tungsten Skinny Drop Shot Weight,Tungsten Skinny Drop Shot Round Eye and so on), noodles  etc.

The main purpose of the classification is to divide the position of the bait and the different fish conditions. The fish will not chase the bait and only attack the bait that is readily available when the fish is resting.
We can use the fast bait in the large area is covered with fish water as much as possible. Then use the slower bait to do a fine search.
I think that its replicability is very important in fishing process. We need to consider why in such a climate, such a position will get a bite. , It is fun to catch big fish by take your fortune, but it will be weakened in terms of improvement and understanding.
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