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The River of Love

Deep down in every people’s heart, there’s a great river, his one and only favorite river. However, as for me, the best place to fish in is a river.
Several years ago, there was a drama film A River Runs Through It. I recommend it to every fishing addict. I recommend it not for its philosophy of life, just because it’s a film of fishing. It simply adds joy to life when you gaze at the river, stare at the fisherman throwing his fishing line that describing a perfect arc through the bright sky. What a beautiful landscape to fish in!

River near the Town of Bishop

Deep down in every people’s heart, there’s a great river, his one and only favorite river. However, as for me, the best place to fish in is a river.
The weather is fine in Los Angeles but it’s also hot in summer. Therefore, I often spend four or five hours driving to a summer resort and then go fishing there. It was located in the east of Nedawa, in which lakes and mountains can be found everywhere. I went there to climb snow mountain, enjoy the fallen leaves and go fishing in autumn as well. The scenery is spectacular I even write them down in diary in case I forget. Trouts wandering across mountain and lakes, forests whispering their secrets through winds, golden leaves floating in the fall, water fall thundering by the path, and the sun rising up from the peak of snow mountain. However, in memory of the golden days there, I realize, the days would not be that unforgettable without the river.
The river is in a town of bishop, located in the east of Nedawa. Strictly speaking it is not a river, it’s a canal actually, full of vitality. The stream goes gurgling on to Los Angeles, thus it makes the drinking water source of this city. It is a crystal stream and the water is so clear that plenty of fish are visible. Rolling down from mountain without little pollution. What does is all add up to? The best fish——trouts exist in there.

The River and I

In the movie A River Runs Through It, it is the father who is a master of fishing, taught the protagonist and his brother how to fish. While I start fishing all by myself. In memory of the first time I went to the river, it was by accident. I was about to fish in a mountain lake, but I noticed there was a Mexican fishing along the river. Then something comes to my mind,” Now that he could catch the fish, why couldn’t I?” No sooner said than done. I tried to swing my fishing rod.
Consequently, the Mexican went home with a bucket of trouts. I, unfortunately, returned without catching anything.The reason why I am fond of the river is not for the catch rate. The trouts are  cunning enemies. If I do not strive for improving my fishing skill, they would never bite my lures.
Nevertheless, it was the first and the only time I returned without catching anything. Since then, I would always stop by the river to have a try as warm-up before go fishing in the east of Nedawa Mountain. I usually only catch two trouts then leave for the mountain, in which the real fishing yard is. The river is like a true friend, whether you come nor not, it will always be there waiting for you and giving you the warmest greeting and never disappoints.
In the early hour, the only thing in my eye is fish, others are invisible. The stream is so limpid that I can see a school of fish swimming in a direction contrary to the current, flinging the tail and the scale shinning bright. If your lures can drift down the stream to the place where they stay when they are looking for minnows, congratulation! You are very likely have a bite.
Fishes also await on the shore, but they are not very hungry. However, if you stimulate them to have conditioned reflex, you can have a bite. Some fishes are alert, they may hide under the arc of the bridge. Then you’d better good at throwing up your fishing line, then send your lure to it, thus allure them.
Gradually,I found fishing a more relaxing and joyous thing. And I would get up and down about the fishing. It just made me feel like a friend coming from afar and we chat away our time. Due to the broad outlook on fishing, I could see through the water, in which lobsters stumbling on, away from which a few residual snow lying on the mountain. I saw kids playing and splashing in the water. I saw a tranquil rural landscape in which there is the golden leaf, old fisherman, father and child, smiling faces on Mr. Have a bite and Mr. Not have a bite. All of this try to illustrate to me that the river is anything but ordinary.

The River of Love

When I was a child, my father once took me to fish by a river near my village. I couldn’t remember whether I caught a fish or not, but I feel very happy whenever I think of it. One day, I talked about it with him, it shocked me that he doesn’t know how to fish at all. Therefore, I guess I didn’t catch one at that time, I just swang the rod for several times.
No matter what, I love the river, for go fishing there, or, not for fishing.
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